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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Kannada Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Kannada Baby Unisex Names List

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Kannada Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute kannada baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest karnataka, hindu, south indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Jaya Durga|Goddess Durga / Parvati;... Unisex
Sujal Affectionate|Affectionate; Sac... Unisex
Somansh Half Moon... Unisex
Harshal Delighted; A lover; Joyful; Gl... Unisex
Achindra Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfe... Unisex
Bianca Light; White; Shining; A Shake... Unisex
Atreya Container of glory|Name of a s... Unisex
Nirmay Good companion from the north ... Unisex
Pranshu Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu; Tall|... Unisex
Parthivi Daughter of the earth|Goddess ... Unisex
Anil Cloud; Immaculate Being|God of... Unisex
Ankal Whole|Whole, One who has no il... Unisex
Dharma Decree; Custom|Decree; Path of... Unisex
Dhruti A patient and long lived indiv... Unisex
Kurangi Deer|The name means Doe... Unisex
Sudipa Bright; Brilliant|Peace of Lig... Unisex
Ananda 1. Bliss; happiness joy; enjoy... Unisex
Trupti Satiated ness|Satiated-ness|Sa... Unisex
Thangam Gold Like|Gold, Precious|Gold;... Unisex
Mansi A Lady|An Indian name for a wo... Unisex
Manmatha A name for Cupid, the God of l... Unisex
Puji Gentle|Gentle; Soft and Tender... Unisex
Moksin Free|Free from attachment; See... Unisex
Basanta Cool Climate|Spring|Spring sea... Unisex
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star|Beau... Unisex
Darpan A Mirror|Mirror|Reflection; Mi... Unisex
Nashita A lively woman, very energetic... Unisex
Mahasri Goddess Lakshmi; Name of a Bud... Unisex
Suma Ask|Born In The Summertime|Bor... Unisex
Kapi A river|Kapi means Monkey, Sun... Unisex
Mrudu Soft... Unisex
Bunny Bringer of victory|Cute Like R... Unisex
Prema Affection|Beloved|Kindness... Unisex
Masum A man who is of innocent chara... Unisex
Narayani Belonging to Narayan; Lord Vis... Unisex
Pratima Beautiful; pleasant; Icon; Ido... Unisex
Suparna Goddess Parvati|Goddess Parvat... Unisex
Utpala A lotus|Filled With Lotuses; A... Unisex
Navaneeta Butter|Butter, Who takes pleas... Unisex
Tanvir Embodiment of Heroic Strength|... Unisex
Asiya Firm|Nurse, Medical Attendant|... Unisex
Puneet Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawles... Unisex
Firdaus Enclosure; Heaven; Paradise; G... Unisex
Ajeeta Invincible, Unconquerable|Invi... Unisex
Ruth A woman who is a good friend|A... Unisex
Mahendi A Paste of Leaves... Unisex
Jagravi Alert; Awake; Watchful; King|K... Unisex
Preet Love|Love, The one who loves t... Unisex
Yasirah Lenient... Unisex
Ekamjot God'S Light; Brightness, Lumin... Unisex
Archie A familiar form of archer|A po... Unisex
Tejasvi An energetic, brilliant woman|... Unisex
Jameel A handsome man|Beautiful|Beaut... Unisex
Afreen Encouragement|Encouragement; H... Unisex
Akshit Permanent|Permanent; Can not b... Unisex
Aakashi Fame|Sky Colour|The Sky; Unive... Unisex
Nabhya Central|Centre of body, An anc... Unisex
Bagavathi Mother of Goddess|Name of Hind... Unisex
Veda Knowledge|Knowledge, Wisdom|Pi... Unisex
Kalika A Bud|A Bud; Name of a Godess ... Unisex
Kairavi Full Moon; Moonlight|Kairavi m... Unisex
Yashna One With Fame|One with Fame; P... Unisex
Mayurakhsi Eye of The Peackock|Eye of the... Unisex
Jayanti Goddess Parvati; Victorious|On... Unisex
Harshita Always Smiling; One who Bring ... Unisex
Rachita Created|Created; One who is cr... Unisex
Mayan God of Love|Pure|Pure One... Unisex
Gajra A String of Flowers|Flowers|Ga... Unisex
Yudit Natkhat|Natkhat (Naughty)|Naug... Unisex
Kamana Desire|Desire, Wish|Kamana mea... Unisex

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