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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting with E with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute kannada baby boy names starting with e with meaning. Get modern and latest karnataka, hindu, south indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Kannada Baby Boy Names Beginning with E

Name Meaning Gender
Edha A Type of Wood; Sacred; Holy|H... Unisex
Edhas Happiness|Happiness; Delighted... Boy
Edi A herb; Healer|Guardian of pro... Unisex
Ednit Evolved|Evolved; Developed|Evo... Boy
Edom A variant of Adam, meaning 'of... Boy
Eegaiarasu King of Charity|kin of charity... Boy
Eegan Charitable; Endowed|Endowed; C... Boy
Eelamani A gem of eelam|Gem of Eelam... Boy
Eeshan God; Supreme Being; Creator an... Boy
Eeshwar God|God; Supreme Being; The Al... Boy
Egaiarasu King of Charity|King of Charit... Boy
Eha A beautiful Desire or Wish|Des... Unisex
Ehimay All Pervasive|All Pervasive; O... Boy
Eila Earth|Light|The Earth... Unisex
Eka Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu,matchl... Unisex
Ekaakshara A Name For Lord Ganesha|He of ... Boy
Ekachakra Son of Kashyap|Son of Kashyapa... Boy
Ekachandra Only moon|The Only Moon|The On... Boy
Ekachith One Mind|With One Mind|With On... Boy
Ekadant Another name of Lord Ganesha|L... Boy
Ekadanta Having One Tooth|Single tusked... Boy
Ekadrishta Single tusked lord|Single-tusk... Boy
Ekagrah Focused|Focused; Firm; Decisiv... Boy
Ekaja Born alone|Only Child|The Only... Unisex
Ekaksh One Eyed|One Eyed, Shiva|One E... Boy
Ekaksha Lord Shiva|One of many names o... Boy
Ekakshara A Name For Lord Ganesha|Alone;... Boy
Ekalavya A Pupil of Dronaachaarya|A Pup... Boy
Ekaling Lord Shiva|Name of Lord Shiva|... Boy
Ekalinga . Shiva|Lord Shiva|Name of Lor... Boy
Ekam Light of two persons in just o... Unisex
Ekambar Lord Shiva; Sky|Sky|Sky; Heave... Boy
Ekamjot God'S Light; Brightness, Lumin... Unisex
Ekana Lord Vishnu|One of many names ... Boy
Ekanath Advise; King; An Emperor who p... Boy
Ekanga . Bogyguard|A Bodyguard|Body g... Boy
Ekani One|Oneness; One; Single; Soli... Unisex
Ekanjeet God's Triumph|God's Triumph; V... Boy
Ekanpreet Love for God|Love for God; Dev... Unisex
Ekansh One who is Complete, whole, on... Boy
Ekant Soliltary|Solitary|Solitary; L... Boy
Ekanta Devoted Girl|Devoted girl; Lov... Unisex
Ekantha Devoted girl; Lovely; Beautifu... Unisex
Ekapad Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva; Having ... Boy
Ekaraj Emperor|Emperor; Ruler; King; ... Boy
Ekata First; Single|First; Single; L... Unisex
Ekatan Closely Attentive|Concentrated... Boy
Ekatma One Soul|One Soul; One Inner H... Boy
Ekavir Bravest of The Brave|Bravest o... Boy
Ekavira Bravest of the Brave; One Lead... Unisex
Ekayavan The Wise One|The Wise One; Kno... Boy
Ekbal Dignity|Lord Shiva's Daughter;... Boy
Eklavya A student who learned bow by w... Boy
Eknath . Poet, Saint|A Famous Poet-sa... Boy
Ekodar Brother|Brother; An elderly pe... Boy
Ekram Honor|Honour|Regard; Honour; O... Boy
Ekta Poet; Saint; Unity; Union|Poet... Unisex
Elango Author of Tamil Masterpiece Si... Boy
Elavarasan Prince|Prince Also Ilavarasan ... Boy
Elavarasi A wise counsellor|Princess,you... Unisex
Elil Beauty|Beauty,pron,ezhil|Hands... Unisex
Elilan Handsome|Handsome See Elil Pro... Boy
Elilarasan Handsome, King of Beauty|Hands... Boy
Elilarasu Handsome, King of Beauty|Hands... Boy
Elilchelvan A Simple Good Looking Man; Han... Boy
Elilendhi Handsome|Handsome; Charming; A... Boy
Elilmani Beautiful Gem|Handsome See Eli... Unisex
Elilvendan Handsome, King of Beauty|Hands... Boy
Elisaichelvan Maestro; Master of Music|Maste... Boy
Elisainambi Elisai = Music + Nambi = Confi... Boy
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