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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Jewish Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Jewish Baby Girl Names List

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Jewish Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute jewish baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest jews, hebrew, israeli baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Olif The olive tree... Girl
Lovdie From old English name Loveday,... Girl
Kody A Form of Cody|Helper|Kody mea... Unisex
Alyiah a form of Aliya... Girl
Malka Hebrew for queen|Queen|Queen, ... Unisex
Padma Rag A beautiful and precious gem c... Girl
Anka A shining and gracious star|Fa... Girl
Nirmada Goddess Durga; Without pride|O... Unisex
Mayasura The ancien great king of Asura... Unisex
Majken A child that was dearly wished... Girl
Zissy Sweet... Girl
Yaffa Beautiful|Beautiful, Lovely|Fo... Girl
Marisha A melancholy, bitter individua... Girl
Dalis Drawing water|Draws water... Girl
Orabilia Submerged in prayers... Girl
Chavel Hebrew name form of Eve meanin... Girl
Vanna Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterf... Unisex
Adela A Short Form of Adelaide|Ashor... Girl
Jody A Familiar Form of Joseph|Femi... Unisex
Rimona Hebrew - Pomegranate|Pomegrana... Girl
Alvah His rising up; his highness|Li... Unisex
Ravid A Form of Arvid|A person who w... Unisex
Seraphina Burning Fire|Burning one, Serp... Girl
Shemariah God protects us, Protection of... Unisex
Jordanna A Form of Jordan|Descend, flow... Unisex
Reyna Germanic - Counsel; Advice; La... Unisex
Aziel Flower|God is providing power... Unisex
Ruta A woman friends|Beautiful|Beau... Girl
Atalia Hebrew word meaning God is gre... Unisex
Mariama The one who raises|a form of M... Girl
Dad God is a father|Old Arabic nam... Unisex
Neelkamal Blue Lotus|One of the rainbow ... Unisex
Yoheved Variation of Yocheved meaning ... Girl
Emmuna -Not Available-... Girl
Azaria God Helps|One who is helped by... Unisex
Neferteri The gorgeous one, prettiest... Girl
Pixie A tiny, green, pinty-eared far... Girl
Hadarah A stunning or spectacular orna... Unisex
Leue A Bohemian surname that means ... Unisex
Lithany Prayer in ceremony... Girl
Nadie Prompted by wisdom or judgemen... Girl
Lilie Lily|Lily flower, symbo of pur... Girl
Peronelle One who is like a little rock ... Girl
Suri A girl who is like a red rose|... Unisex
Moshe Drawn out of the water|Hebrew ... Unisex
Abbigayle Father Rejoices|a familiar for... Girl
Ash Ash Tree|Ashley, Ash tree sett... Unisex
Onyekachi No-one is grander than God... Unisex
Bathseva Daughter of the Oath... Girl
Danila God Is My Judge|God Is The Jud... Unisex
Linne A person named after the twinf... Unisex
Margalit A Hebrew name for pearl|Pearl|... Girl
Panchashikha One who has five flames... Girl
Neelaja River Starting From Blue Mount... Unisex
Debby Bee|From the name deborah|One ... Girl
Ophia Very precious person... Girl
Bilha To act rashly out of confusion... Girl
Igle Hebrew form of Abigail meaning... Girl
Louisane Famous Warrior|Origin of the n... Girl
Orabilis The who always lift everything... Girl
Mohanjot Beauteous Light|The person alw... Unisex
Nathanael Gift From God|Gift of God|God ... Unisex
Makiko A child of the one who is true... Girl
Nahuel An elegant and furious Jaguar|... Unisex
Nikolette A Form of Nicole|The person wh... Girl
Magda A maiden from the tower|From t... Girl
Axelle My father is peace|Peace|They ... Girl
Reba Ensnarer|Fourth|From the name ... Girl
Obelia Spell variant of Mohan means a... Girl
Basye Daughter of God... Girl

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