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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Jewish Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute jewish baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest jews, hebrew, israeli baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Jewish Baby Boy Names List

Jewish Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Parijat A Celestial Flower|Celestial f... Unisex
Jairus A Form of Jairo|Enlighten|God ... Boy
Leamon Rare given name meaning dear m... Boy
Navukarasan A sitting position for a praye... Boy
Niranjan Flawless ( Without Anjan), Lor... Boy
Lakhmeet A friend of hundred thousand|F... Boy
Mikeal One who provides the message o... Boy
Perunthagai A person who is learned and de... Boy
Egoz -Not Available-... Boy
Efraim Doubly fruitful|Fruitful and l... Boy
Nimmardeep Modest Lamp|The God is not lik... Boy
Nishav One of the best person|The Bes... Boy
Osric Divine Ruler|God-protected; is... Boy
Manaswant A famous and well-known person... Boy
Kristabelle Kristabelle means Sparkling|Va... Unisex
Lynx An anima name... Boy
Abbie Being Father of joy; rejoiced|... Unisex
Origen A birth of a falcon, or a high... Boy
Hirah A Noble race, Nobility|Liberty... Unisex
Lokpal Defender, protector of the peo... Boy
Narciso Numbness, Sleep|The sea, anyth... Boy
Ado Awe-inspiring; Highborn; Witho... Boy
Keren Divine; A Ray of Hope; Ray of ... Unisex
Kenaz Hunter|Kenaz means Hunter|brig... Boy
Kinkira Horse; Indian Cuckoo|Indian Cu... Boy
Kalix Kalix name means to Be Praised... Boy
Nehemya Variant of Nehemiah meaning Th... Boy
Eleasa A fantastic and humble beings... Unisex
Lionell Latin name describing little l... Boy
Nic Diminutive of Dominick: Lord|T... Boy
Nishanath Lord Chandra (Moon)|Moon|The M... Boy
Kelil Kelil means Crown... Boy
Lysander 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' In... Boy
Jacut Bretons form of Jacob, meaning... Boy
Pennleah From the enclosed pasture mead... Boy
Leuit French name for place holder... Boy
Lim Chinesee name meaning forest... Boy
Lindsai From the Lincoln island, an is... Unisex
Lefsued A pleasing person with enjoyab... Boy
Jonco Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Y... Boy
Lebeau The handsome, beautiful man or... Boy
Niramayee One who is wholesome, fresh, u... Unisex
Nami A popular person|Lord Vishnu|O... Unisex
Ogilvy His leniency and compassion sh... Unisex
Mauricio A dark skinned man|Dark Skinne... Unisex
Jader Jehovah has Heard... Boy
Latymer Occupational name, interpreter... Boy
Narayanan A large body of water constitu... Boy
Nischinta Monarch or emperor... Boy
Othomann One who is born healthy and we... Boy
Manotosha An indian name for a Boy... Boy
Llygad A person with gaying hair... Boy
Mattox Lover of the sea... Boy
Kumar Kumar means Prince|Prince|Prin... Boy
Nyles Champion. Form of Neil|Niles.c... Boy
Kshantu Patient|Patient; Enduring|The ... Unisex
Natine Of the Natine Tribe|The person... Unisex
Leofheah High, Illustrious love... Boy
Lavon A Form of Lavan|German word fo... Unisex
Narpinder The humans' king... Boy
Kin From the top of the cliff|Gold... Unisex
Monel God is with us... Boy
Jagadip He is the lord of the world|La... Boy
Jaquin Established by God... Boy
Orahamm From tbe riverbank enclosure|T... Boy
Neelkamala Blue Lotus|The one who looks l... Unisex
Padminikanta Another name given to the Sun... Boy
Nionne One who is the Greek God of wi... Boy
Chiram An exalted and noble being|Exa... Boy
Pahana A lost white brother; filled w... Unisex
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