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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Jain Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute jain baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest jainism, indian, hindi baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Jain Baby Unisex Names List

Jain Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Unnat Energised|Energised; Raised; H... Unisex
Dristi Eyesight|Sight|Sight; Focus... Unisex
Jaya Durga|Goddess Durga / Parvati;... Unisex
Mrudu Soft... Unisex
Manasvini A person who is proud and self... Unisex
Sabrang A rainbow|Rainbow... Unisex
Adil Fair, Honest, Justice|Judge; H... Unisex
Mukulita Bud... Unisex
Ujjala Bright... Unisex
Bina A Musical Instrument|A musical... Unisex
Chaitali A Season; Born In The Chaitra ... Unisex
Kamal Beauty, perfection|Kamal means... Unisex
Nirmay Good companion from the north ... Unisex
Chudamani A Jewel Worn on Head|Crest Jew... Unisex
Kshemya Durga|Durga, Goddess of Welfar... Unisex
Bansi 1. Flute. 2. Sweet-voiced; mel... Unisex
Hetul Happy|Happy; Content; Glad; De... Unisex
Anisa A friendly compannion for life... Unisex
Reva A Star|One that moves, Quick|O... Unisex
Keya A Monsoon Flower|A monsoon flo... Unisex
Sumangala Auspicious|Auspicious. Holy|On... Unisex
Dyumna A glorious and compassionate i... Unisex
Nalinaksha Lotus Eyed|Lotus-eyed|The lotu... Unisex
Samar Accompanied by the eternal God... Unisex
Chinmayi A happy, blissful person|Bliss... Unisex
Sanjita Too powerful to be defeated|Tr... Unisex
Aatreya Name of A Sage|Name of a sage;... Unisex
Kanchi A Waistband|A Waistband; Clear... Unisex
Saket Abode of Lord Rama; Music of S... Unisex
Indumukhi A woman with a moon like face|... Unisex
Marushika Born With Blessings of Lord Sh... Unisex
Ucchal Perception|The Mind; Understan... Unisex
Nagashree Snake Goddess|Supernatural sna... Unisex
Vidhi Creation|Destiny|Goddess of De... Unisex
Roshan A Form of Roshean|Bright|Brigh... Unisex
Achala Constant|Constant, Stable, Ste... Unisex
Divya A divine luster; they are bril... Unisex
Mayurika Baby Peahen|Pea-hen; Someone w... Unisex
Iditri Complimentary|One Who Praises;... Unisex
Komali Komali means Tender|Tender|Ten... Unisex
Kanan A Garden|A Garden; Forest|A ga... Unisex
Saroj Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus; Born... Unisex
Amulya A royal and aristrocratic pers... Unisex
Parag Emerald|Pollen Grains|Pollen G... Unisex
Palash A Flowering|A flowery tree; Gr... Unisex
Chetana Consciousness|Consciousness; S... Unisex
Danna A Form of Dana|A Short Form of... Unisex
Jaladhija Goddess Lakshmi, Money|Goddess... Unisex
Mayil Full of Grace And Beauty Like ... Unisex
Kusuma Flower|Flower Like; Blossom Li... Unisex
Harini A Deer|A Deer; A variant spell... Unisex
Sanmati Lord Mahavir|Noble Minded|Sanm... Unisex
Ekantha Devoted girl; Lovely; Beautifu... Unisex
Madhuri She who is full of sweetness|S... Unisex
Suloch Beautiful Eyes|One With Beauti... Unisex
Utpala A lotus|Filled With Lotuses; A... Unisex
Manisha Desire, Wish|Desire/ Wish|Godd... Unisex
Irit Asphodel|Daffodil|Variant name... Unisex
Rohin Iron; Rising|One who is on the... Unisex
Mahua A name of the flowering tree|A... Unisex
Avanti An ancient Malwa; they are mod... Unisex
Hima Goddess Parvati; of the snow; ... Unisex
Grishma Boldness|People who have deep ... Unisex
Vishala Wide, Spacious|Wide; Spacious|... Unisex
Shrusti Universe; Nature; World|World|... Unisex
Ajay A Combination of The Initials ... Unisex
Mubarak Blessed|Blessed, Auspicious|Bl... Unisex
Chayana Moon|The Moon|The beautiful Mo... Unisex
Padmini Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus Pond... Unisex
Nina Beautiful Eyes|Coral, Pearl, G... Unisex
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Hiranyaksa Secundus Vaasaki
Rajyeshwar Kanru Fayeqah
Dasarna Honani Yasiin
Parthenope Ghrtaprstha Haruddam
Jumaima Datherine Vansha
Ganga-Dharan Drishit Shamsher
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