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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Jain Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Jain Baby Girl Names List

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Jain Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute jain baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest jainism, indian, hindi baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Kishmish Kishmish means Sweet as Grapes... Unisex
Natasha Birthday|Birthday, Christmas D... Unisex
Hera Diamond; Queen of Gods|Hera: (... Girl
Sindhuja Goddess Lakshmi; Born of the o... Girl
Manjistha A woman who is extreme an inte... Unisex
Lalam As beutiful as tulip flower|Je... Unisex
Aatamgosh Inner Light|The inner light or... Unisex
Simali -Not Available-... Girl
Gopi A Cowherd; Protector of Cows|A... Unisex
Namrata Bowing, Humility|Humbleness, n... Unisex
Naganandini Mountain Born... Girl
Aamaal Aspirations|Bright; Hope; Pure... Girl
Deepashikha Flame|Flame; Lamp|One who is f... Girl
Senay A moon of happiness|Merry Moon... Unisex
Vilasini A charming woman, One who is b... Girl
Chitrali A Row of Pictures|A Row of Pic... Girl
Soma Moon Rays|Moon rays; The Soma ... Unisex
Sukali -Not Available-... Girl
Teertha A holy place; Sacred water; Pl... Unisex
Ikshu A Malayali word for sugarcane|... Unisex
Vipra A Priest|A priest; Inspired; W... Unisex
Kanak Gold|Gold; Sandalwood|Gold; Wh... Unisex
Dyuti Full of splendor, Light|Light|... Unisex
Vasatika Morning Light... Girl
Chandra A Shining Moon|Another name of... Unisex
Kareema Generous, Kind|Generous, Noble... Girl
Marichi Name of A Star|Name of an anci... Unisex
Uttra -Not Available-... Girl
Shailja Another name of Goddess Parvat... Girl
Vamika Durga|Goddess Durga|Goddess Du... Girl
Shejali A Fruit|Fruit... Girl
Mandarmalika A Garland of Celestial|A River... Unisex
Karnapriya Something That is Sweet to Our... Unisex
Suchismita One who has a pure smile|With ... Girl
Chaitra Aries Sign|Aries sign, 1st mon... Unisex
Sharna A Form of Sharon|A guarding an... Girl
Tanuja A Daughter|Born of the Body|Da... Unisex
Kavini Beautiful|Composes Beautiful P... Girl
Akshya Eternal; Immortal; Indestructi... Unisex
Kanchi A Waistband|A Waistband; Clear... Unisex
Champakali A Bud of Champa|A flowering tr... Girl
Ojal Splendour; Shelter.; Vision|Sp... Unisex
Divyaprabha Devine luster|Divine luster... Girl
Kalagi -Not Available-... Girl
Jaidayal The kindness has wo|Victory of... Unisex
Sumangala Auspicious|Auspicious. Holy|On... Unisex
Sohan Charm|Good Looking|Good lookin... Unisex
Gnanamangala Intelligent Girl... Girl
Vachya Blamed; Goddess Sita|Forthrigh... Girl
Kairavi Full Moon; Moonlight|Kairavi m... Unisex
Vinati Prayer|Prayer; Request; Humili... Girl
Gaumukhi -Not Available-... Girl
Dipika A Small Lamp|A small lamp; Lig... Girl
Meghal A name of the River Ganges|Clo... Unisex
Chandana Disciple of lord Mahavir|Moonl... Unisex
Nalin Lotus|Lotus, Water|Lotus; Wate... Unisex
Yukti A Device|Solution; Strategy; T... Girl
Upasana Devotion|Devotion, Worship|Ven... Girl
Ilanila Moon Crescent|Moon Crescent,il... Girl
Jaimini An Ancient Philosopher|An Anci... Unisex
Risha Feather; Line; Saintly|Saintly... Girl
Rusham A woman with peaceful nature|P... Unisex
Swarna A woman of beautiful gold colo... Girl
Misha Beautiful, Pretty|Bee; Feminin... Unisex
Kinjal Kinjal means the Banks of the ... Unisex
Cathy A nickname. A pure dame|Diminu... Unisex
Krupali Kind; Ruler of the World; Who ... Unisex
Kusumanjali An Offering of Flowers|Flower ... Unisex
Rajal Brilliant|Illuminating; Brilli... Unisex
Basudha Earth|The Earth; Producer of w... Unisex

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