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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Italian Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute italian baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest italy, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Italian Baby Girl Names List

Italian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Liliana Lily|Lily, Flower|Name of the ... Girl
Alberta A feminine form of albert|Afem... Girl
Pietrina Rock, Stone, Strong... Girl
Dino A little sword; part of God|Ab... Unisex
Orsa The woman bear of feminine bea... Girl
Bambalina Little Girl... Girl
Rosannah A favor and grace like a rose'... Girl
Mimi A Familiar Form of Miriam|Belo... Girl
Caprice A fanciful, capricious person|... Girl
Sal Diminutive of Sally (from Sara... Unisex
Rosaleah A Roman citizens... Girl
Dona A Form of Donna|Lady|Lady, Wor... Girl
Domani Tomorrow|Tomorrow; one who doe... Unisex
Callisto A nymph|Most Beautiful|Mother ... Unisex
Annata Grace, Or Favoured By God. For... Girl
Julietta Soft bearded, Youth|Variant of... Girl
Toscana The regional capital of Floren... Girl
Donia A Form of Donna|A person who r... Girl
Trista Feminine of Tristan 'noisy,ful... Unisex
Speranza A woman who brings hope to men... Girl
Zinerva Fair, Light-haired|Pale... Girl
Ludovica Famous Warrior|Famous in war a... Girl
Luigina A well born|Famous Warrior|Wel... Girl
Riga Italian - Variant of Greek Rig... Girl
Ita Oil lamp|Star|Thirsty... Unisex
Jovannie A Familiar Form of Jovanna... Girl
Taide Derived from ancient greek, th... Girl
Selvaggia Wild... Girl
Gianna Gianna is an Italian female na... Unisex
Alfredo Alfredo is Elf Peace|Elf Couns... Unisex
Gioconda Giocomnda means Lighthearted W... Girl
Francisca A Form of Frances|Free|Free, F... Unisex
Filippa A Form of Philippa|A horse's c... Girl
Carlotta An Italian form of Charles, me... Girl
Cannelita Garden... Girl
Agostina Great|Venerable... Girl
Donisha A Form of Danessa|Lady. From t... Girl
Kami A Short Form of Kamila, Kamila... Unisex
Emilia A Form of Amelia, Emily|Indust... Girl
Alfonsina Noble and Ready|Noble, decent,... Girl
Volante Flying... Girl
Leone Bold lion|Latin name represent... Unisex
Cianna God Is Gracious|Praise of the ... Girl
Nicola Feminine form of Nicholas: Peo... Unisex
Lucia Bringer of Light|Bringer of Li... Unisex
Bianca Light; White; Shining; A Shake... Unisex
Angelia Angel|Angel, Messenger|Angel; ... Unisex
Capricia An erratic, capricious woman|I... Girl
Zarah Blossom|Dawning|Day's Awakenin... Girl
Nicia People's victory|victorious ar... Girl
Annunciata An announcement of a fact|Anno... Girl
Aryana A Form of Ariana|Illustrious, ... Unisex
Ernesto Battle to the death|Earnest|Se... Unisex
Sigismonda Conquering Protector... Girl
Olympia From Olympus|From mount olympu... Girl
Pila A Form of Pilar|A pillar, a co... Girl
Modesta A Form of Modesty|Mehul is der... Girl
Belinda Attractive|Beautiful|Beautiful... Girl
Beatricia Blesses... Girl
Cristina Believer, Follower of Christ|C... Unisex
Teodora Gift from God|Gift of God|Give... Girl
Dante An enduring man, everlasting|D... Unisex
Brigida A strong, firm, healthy woman|... Girl
Klarissa A Form of Clarissa|Bright|Clea... Girl
Blanca White|White: Shining. A Varian... Unisex
Lucinda Light|The one who shines with ... Unisex
Capri A Short Form of Caprice|A plac... Girl
Loreto A place name, ancient city of ... Unisex
Raimonda Wise Protector, Mighty Protect... Girl
Pero Disabled, Lame|Mother of Asopu... Unisex
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