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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Italian Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute italian baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest italy, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Italian Baby Boy Names List

Italian Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Silvino A Form of Silvan|Greek God of ... Boy
Elpidio A refined and peace loving per... Boy
Sienna A Form of Ciana|Reddish Brown|... Unisex
Gianluigi God is Gracious + Famous Warri... Boy
Gianluca A Combination of Gian + Luca|G... Boy
Horace Has good eyesight|Hour|Of Lati... Unisex
Lucinda Light|The one who shines with ... Unisex
Giorgios The meaning of Giorgios is the... Boy
Agosto Venerable, The Exalted One... Boy
Adrianna A Form of Adrienne|Dark|From A... Unisex
Edgardo A wealthy man who is known for... Boy
Ferdinando A Form of Ferdinand|He is a br... Boy
Cosma Italian form of 'cosmas', mean... Unisex
Ricciardo Brave Ruler|Firm ruler|Rich an... Boy
Rogero Famous with a Spear... Boy
Maso Twin... Boy
Rosana A Combination of Rose & Anna|A... Unisex
Chudamani A Jewel Worn on Head|Crest Jew... Unisex
Gregario Watchful, Vigilant... Boy
Domani Tomorrow|Tomorrow; one who doe... Unisex
Dantel Enduring|Enduring. The Poet Da... Boy
Ferdinandus A daring traveler... Boy
Teodosiu An offering to the Lord|Giving... Boy
Geno A Form of John|God is love... Boy
Alfeo Changing|Inspired advice... Boy
Gianmaria God is Gracious + Beloved... Boy
Kalanidhi Kalanidhi name means Receptabl... Unisex
Giorgino Giorgino is an Italian name an... Boy
Ludo Derived from Latin name Louis,... Boy
Demetrio A Form of Demetrius|Earth Love... Boy
Ottavianu Ottavianu is a variant of Octa... Boy
Cirocco Ancient Egyptian Wind|The wind... Boy
Arduino Hardy Friend... Boy
Alvise Famous Warrior... Boy
Rudolpho A Form of Rudolph|One who is k... Boy
Camora An Italian Mafia-type syndicat... Boy
Serafino From Hebrew. The Ardent One. T... Boy
Bertrando Bright Raven|Brilliant Raven; ... Boy
Severiano He who is stern|Severe|Stern... Boy
Alford English - old river crossing o... Boy
Perla A Little Sphere|English - Pear... Unisex
Gioele Italian version of the name Yo... Boy
Ponzio Seaman... Boy
Lamberto A person who comes from the Br... Boy
Marcellino Maori is the Maori of Mark and... Boy
Donnie Form of Donn. In mythology the... Unisex
Osvaldo God Power/Rule|God power|God r... Unisex
Rufino A man who is of red hair|King,... Boy
Lauro A Boy who comes from the place... Boy
Angelia Angel|Angel, Messenger|Angel; ... Unisex
Trista Feminine of Tristan 'noisy,ful... Unisex
Durant An unbending person; enduring ... Boy
Donat Diminutive of Donato: Present|... Boy
Mattia Gift from God, Gift of God|Ita... Boy
Gaincarlo Italian - God's Gracious Gift;... Boy
Attilio Italian form of a grand Roman ... Boy
Rainieri A Form of Rainer... Boy
Mya A Form of Mia|Emerald|Mother... Unisex
Saverio A Form of Xavier|A New House|A... Boy
Gennaro January|One who belongs to God... Boy
Filipo Horse Lover... Boy
Samanta Equality; Bordering; Name of a... Unisex
Alexius Defender|Old Greek - Defender;... Boy
Cabrini An Italian surname, meaning on... Boy
Tulio Animated or energetic|Lively... Boy
Claudio 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar'... Boy
Tiberio From The Tiber River Region|Fr... Boy
Gabriel Devoted To God|Form of Gavriel... Unisex
Alvino A white and fair noble friend ... Boy
Leo A Lion|Bold for his people|Lat... Boy
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