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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Israeli Baby Boy Names Starting with Pe with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute israeli baby boy names starting with pe with meaning. Get modern and latest israel, jewish, hebrew baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Israeli Baby Boy Names Beginning with Pe

Name Meaning Gender
Peada One who is like a Prince|Rock... Boy
Peadar Gaelic form of Peter|One who i... Boy
Peanut A name for the ground nut legu... Unisex
Pearroc Of the forest|One who belongs ... Boy
Pears A variant of Peter; piers... Boy
Pearta One who is from the island of ... Boy
Pechthelm An easygoing, talented and cas... Boy
Peck One who dwells near the peak... Boy
Pecthelm A trusting and humble being... Boy
Peden One who is the son of Paidin... Boy
Peder A strong individual|Rock, Ston... Boy
Pedivere One who returned exclibur to l... Boy
Pediya A person who is the strong and... Boy
Pedr A solitary and thoughtful natu... Boy
Pedrog One who is born famous... Boy
Pedton Name of a priest's village... Boy
Peeki One who is a peak or pointed h... Boy
Peer A rock. Form of Peter|Another ... Unisex
Peerce One who is Piers; lucky an tal... Boy
Peers A Form of Peter|A Peter; a roc... Boy
Peetambar A name given to Lord vishnu; y... Boy
Peeyush Milk; Nectar|Nectar|One who is... Boy
Pefen It has individuality and confi... Boy
Pegalesharro A person who is like a man's c... Boy
Pegan A follower of polytheistic rel... Boy
Peik A troll boy; stone or rock... Boy
Peirce A Form of Peter|Name given to ... Boy
Pekelo Name for a stone or a rock... Boy
Peketi One who is like an award winne... Boy
Pekko One with a sensitive and pract... Boy
Pelagia A dweller of the sea; efficien... Unisex
Peleg A division or a channel; a lit... Unisex
Pelham Derived from a British place n... Boy
Peliandis A diplomatic and systematic in... Boy
Pell Mantle|One who is the dealer o... Boy
Pella One who is the marvel of God; ... Boy
Pellam A person who is the father of ... Boy
Pelle One which is the variation of ... Boy
Pelleas A Fisher king|Name of a fisher... Boy
Pellegrino A name for the pilgrim; holy m... Boy
Pello Has spiritual matters; stone m... Boy
Pellogris A versatile and quick minded i... Boy
Pelltun A person from the pool farm|Fr... Boy
Pelson A sensitive and idealistic nat... Boy
Pelton A name for a settlement|Town B... Boy
Pembroke 'King Henry the Sixth, Part II... Unisex
Pemton From the pool farm|Habitationa... Boy
Peng Name of a grandson of a king Z... Boy
Peni A form of Ben; a loyal and adv... Unisex
Peniel Face of God; Vision of God; On... Boy
Penka Rock, Stone, Strong|The one fr... Unisex
Penlea One who belongs to the settlem... Boy
Penleigh An enclosed meadow; pasture|Fr... Boy
Penley A pledge; enclosed meadow|Encl... Boy
Penly Belonging to the meadow... Boy
Penn Commander|Famous Commander|Fro... Boy
Pennamar Name for the Lord Pushkara|Oce... Boy
Pennant Name of a place; from the mead... Boy
Pennington An enclosed meadow; habitation... Boy
Pennlea One who is from and enclosed m... Boy
Pennleah From the enclosed pasture mead... Boy
Pennleigh A pasture; from the meadow... Boy
Pennley One which an enclosed meadow... Boy
Pennsylvania From the woodlands... Boy
Penrod Famous Commander|Is born with ... Boy
Penticost A fiflty; a surname provided... Boy
Penton A farm stead or settlement|Fro... Boy
Peoda A decent and admirable being... Boy
Peofa A practical and emotional pers... Boy
Peofel One who achieves great height;... Boy
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