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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Israeli Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute israeli baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest israel, jewish, hebrew baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Israeli Baby Boy Names List

Israeli Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Pinnel An English surname meaning lit... Unisex
Peohthelm One who has dual influence, fu... Boy
Deedee A beloved being; raging one fr... Boy
Nripinder Lord of Kings|The lord of the ... Boy
Linleigh The fields where flax flowers ... Boy
Meldon A factory on a tall mountain, ... Boy
Kenen Kenen means Possesion... Boy
Lovika Love at First Sight... Boy
Benzion Son of Zion|Son of Zion, Son o... Boy
Yisroel Wrestled with God (and prevail... Boy
Manamohana One who won over the hearts of... Boy
Neelotpal Beautiful blue lotus floret|Bl... Boy
Krugan Krugan means burial mound... Boy
Hampus Bright home|Hebrew - Yahweh is... Boy
Meiram To give light, One who illumin... Boy
Namir A leopard or a panther|Good, P... Boy
Thaddeus Courageous, Large hearted, Giv... Unisex
Cohen A Form of Cody|In Hebrew, this... Unisex
Adalia Drawn up of God|Just, Noble On... Unisex
Osegod A noble landowner... Boy
Naipaul One who protects the eyes|Prot... Boy
Pachak Another name of digestive powd... Boy
Yissachar Reward|Reward, Wages, There is... Boy
Pant Father of Lancelot|It means ho... Boy
Margondes A judgemental and hard working... Boy
Pardes Name of an orange grove... Boy
Yagil Celebrate|God will rejoice|He ... Boy
Nechemia A form of Nehemiah meaning The... Boy
Midhil Kind Ness|gentle ness... Boy
Honna Hebrew - God was gracious; God... Unisex
Lyntonn A flax settlement... Boy
Muna Overflowing Spring|Overflowing... Unisex
Kygo One who is born to protect... Boy
Jana Born bravery|God is Gracious|G... Unisex
Reyna Germanic - Counsel; Advice; La... Unisex
Machi A smiter, poor person|Poor, a ... Unisex
Ahmir Variation of Amir which means ... Boy
Nathen A Form of Nathan|He (god) Has ... Boy
Natesan Lord Shiva; Lord of Dancers|Lo... Boy
Neesh By the ash tree; An adventurer... Boy
Mirko A peaceful person, one who is ... Boy
Leonarde Lion-like bold men|One who is ... Boy
Jordanna A Form of Jordan|Descend, flow... Unisex
Lyon One who can be compared to a l... Boy
Azariah God has helped|God helps; Yahw... Unisex
Shabtai Born on Sabbath|Shabtai is a d... Boy
Kirkwood Church Forest|From the church'... Boy
Horam Hill|Their hill... Boy
Kyou Kyou means Capital City... Unisex
Ezekiel A person who is made stronger ... Boy
Patikrit Has a considering and congenia... Boy
Mata An aged woman|Crops Field; Hon... Unisex
Nalinaksha Lotus Eyed|Lotus-eyed|The lotu... Unisex
Mateusz Gift of God|One who is a God's... Boy
Nivdeep A lamp of nobility|Noble Lamp... Boy
Landyn A Form of Landon|Man coming do... Unisex
Netanyahu The talent from God or the ski... Boy
Leandro Lion|Lion Man|Lion Man, Brave... Boy
Neven The worker of the saint's foll... Boy
Pampapati Pampa river in India; owner|Vi... Boy
Oto An individual who is rich and ... Boy
Jonas Dove|Dove. Variant of Hebrew J... Boy
Laurie A diminutive of Laurence: from... Unisex
Ozymandias A name given to the King of Ki... Boy
Narahari A person marked by the exercis... Boy
Laec A person who lives in the prox... Boy
Malkeet Lordship|Sikh word for lordshi... Boy
Misael The god is the most powerful, ... Boy
Paton A royal and humble person; war... Boy
Lancelot Attendant|From Arthurian Legen... Boy
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