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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Irish Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Irish Baby Girl Names List

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Irish Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute irish baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest ireland, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Elva Elf|Elf friend|Elfin... Girl
Ceallach Strife|To be in a war, strife|... Unisex
Ceire Saint|The little one; a Saint... Girl
Shawn American Spelling of Sean|Amer... Unisex
Llene Light... Girl
Kaiden A beloved companion|Kaiden mea... Unisex
Llane Tree... Girl
Sonnagh One who is like the Rampart's ... Unisex
Sosanna Lily|She is like a Lily flower... Girl
Dympna A little person who is good na... Girl
Eithne A seed; graceful; ardent ruler... Girl
Daragh An Oak... Unisex
Peyton A form of patton|From the figh... Unisex
Oona Famine, Hunger|In Gaelic it me... Girl
Saraid Excellent|One who is excelllen... Girl
Kinnat Archaic... Girl
Monca Wise... Girl
Aine 'splendor, radiance, brillianc... Girl
Ailis God is my oath|Noble|Sweet... Girl
Conner Exalted|Filled with desires an... Unisex
Donelle In italian it means lady|Lady.... Girl
Garret Power of spear|Spear Ruler|Spe... Unisex
Corrie A ravine, seething pool or fro... Unisex
Sadb A sweet and goodly person... Girl
Madailein Magnificent|Magnigicent one... Girl
Kiera Dark|Dark haired one|Kiera mea... Unisex
Darrah Princess|Wealthy and Black... Unisex
Bannon White... Unisex
Devnet Fawn|Poet... Girl
Elvie A Form of Elva|Diminutive of E... Girl
Clodagh A place where lots of rivers f... Girl
Cathleen A lady who is pure and innocen... Unisex
Shaye Hawk like|Supplanter... Unisex
Tate A cheerful man, one who brings... Unisex
Ailise Noble... Unisex
Sineidin Praise... Girl
Maoli A Dominican Republic term for ... Girl
Ranait Little prosperous one... Girl
Pagent A beautiful and wonderful page... Unisex
Downeti Poet... Girl
Kieran Dark skinned|Little and dark|L... Unisex
Kane Beautiful. Popular as a first ... Unisex
Levane Risen|To rise... Girl
Kirby Church Settlement|Church farm|... Unisex
Cass A curly haired person|Clever o... Unisex
Sheila Blind|Blind One|Little Mountai... Unisex
Kaysie A Combination of Initials K. +... Unisex
Meeda Thirsty... Girl
Brighid A firm and strong woman|Streng... Girl
Falon A man in charge|Descendant of ... Unisex
Allene Attractive|Attractive, Peacefu... Girl
Fiachra A raven who is a saint by mind... Unisex
Brynda Little raven... Girl
Fallon A command woman|A supremem per... Unisex
Farran An Old French surname meaning ... Unisex
Coreene Maiden... Girl
Mada A Form of Madaline, Magdalen|F... Unisex
Brielle A Form of Brie|Cheese|God is m... Girl
Inis Island... Unisex
Bidelia High One|Strength... Girl
More Dark skinned|From the moors|Gr... Unisex
Margaret Jewel|Pearl|Pearl. Famous Bear... Girl
Tegan Attractive|Beautiful|Doe... Unisex
Labhaoise Famous warrior... Girl
Ruari An Irish red-haired ruler... Unisex
Kerra Dark haired one|Kerr means Spe... Unisex
Caffara Helmet... Girl
Blyana Strong... Girl
Foy Alternant of 'Fee' which means... Unisex
Cumania Name of a saint... Girl

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