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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Irish Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute irish baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest ireland, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Irish Baby Boy Names List

Irish Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Eman Faith|Faith; Belief; Faith in ... Unisex
Camron Crooked Nose|One who has a cro... Unisex
Gorman Blue eyed|Little blue eyed one... Boy
Garret Power of spear|Spear Ruler|Spe... Unisex
Ruathy A woman of red hair who is a r... Boy
Creedon Belief or guiding principle... Boy
Mundy From Reamon... Boy
Keandre A Combination of The Prefix Ke... Unisex
Hanlon Irish meaning is Sirname|Surna... Boy
Dermot A Short Form of Jeremiah|Free|... Boy
Riddick One who comes from the clear, ... Boy
Quigley Distaff|One with unruly hair|U... Boy
Shoney The God's graciousness... Unisex
Caith From the battlefield... Boy
Roibin Bright fame... Boy
Banan Delicate|Delicate, Finger Tips... Unisex
Shay Eagle; Hawk-like; Gift; Sharp|... Unisex
Dorane One who is on exile; a wandere... Boy
Cavin A very handsome Boy... Boy
Kerwin Dark skinned|Friend of The Mar... Boy
Agwisance A name of Irish origins that l... Boy
Celsus Name of a saint|Upright, State... Boy
Patraic Aristocrat; name given to a sa... Boy
Pharris Irish - A heroic man; A variat... Boy
Auliffe Ancestor|Relic from an ancesto... Boy
Roewyn A red-haired Boy... Boy
Jarlath A Tributary Lord|A lord of tri... Boy
Lany Servant... Boy
Kerri Ciar's people, Dark one|Dark a... Unisex
Tyfiell Battle|Derivative of the Scand... Boy
Ina A diminutive of any names endi... Unisex
Geraghty From the court... Boy
Darrock Ruler of the people|Strong; oa... Boy
Bevin Bevin is Fair Lady; beautiful ... Unisex
Caolaidhe Slender... Boy
Cayce A vigorous and observant man... Boy
Breckin Freckled face; spotted face... Boy
Cathal A mighty great warrior|Battle ... Boy
Brann Raven|Raven; a black bird that... Unisex
Hogan Irish Gaelic - Youthful One; A... Boy
Lochlann Home of the Norse... Boy
Cathmor Great fighter|Great warrior... Boy
Artur A Form of Arthur|Arthur|Bear... Boy
Fogerty Exiled... Boy
Buchanan From the cannon's seat|Irish G... Boy
Leary Cattle keeper|Occupational nam... Boy
Damana Over Powering; Taming; Subduin... Boy
Myles Inventor of The Corn Mill|Merc... Unisex
Daimhin Poet|Servant... Boy
Darcell Dark|Dark. Variant of Darcy or... Unisex
Ruadhan Name of a red haired saint... Boy
Fergus First choice; Man of strength|... Boy
Mannix Irish name for monk|Little Mon... Boy
Reidhachadh From the smooth field... Boy
Griffin Chief, Lord|Fierce|Lord who ha... Unisex
Christian A Follower of Christ|Annointed... Unisex
Fionan A fair offspring|Light skinned... Boy
Seabern Born of the sea... Boy
Angus 'Measure for Measure' The Depu... Boy
Kacen Kacen means Descendant from th... Boy
Gadhra Mastiff... Boy
Gael A Form of Gale|Joyful. Abbrevi... Unisex
Correy A vacant space or hollow in a ... Unisex
Uaid Army general... Boy
Brendon A Form of Brandon|Brave|Little... Boy
Brianne High hill, Force, Strength|Nob... Unisex
Lorcan A little but fierce warrior|Li... Boy
Alanna Attractive|Fair|Feminine form ... Unisex
Adeen Little fire shining brightly|N... Unisex
Peyton A form of patton|From the figh... Unisex
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