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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with V with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Unisex Names List

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Beginning with V

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby unisex names starting with v with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Vaani Full of energy and life|Guru's... Unisex
Vaanya Hindu Female Deity of Forests;... Unisex
Vaasuki A Celestial Cobra|Celestial se... Unisex
Vacasya Readiness of Speech... Unisex
Vadisa learned|one who resolves dispu... Unisex
Vagisha Goddess Saraswati|Master of Sp... Unisex
Vagmi Name of God Vishnu or Good Spe... Unisex
Vaibhav Great; Glory; Wealth|One who i... Unisex
Vaibhavi Affluence|Goddess Laxmi|LandLo... Unisex
Vaidya Doctor|Doctor; Erudite; Physic... Unisex
Vaikuntha The Savior|Without hindrance, ... Unisex
Vail From The Valley|From the Valle... Unisex
Vairagi Detached; Free from desire and... Unisex
Vairam As Beautiful As A Diamond|Diam... Unisex
Vaishnava The Devotee or Consort of Lord... Unisex
Vaishodevi A devotee of Lord Vishnu, Godd... Unisex
Vajasani Lord Vishnu's Son|Son of lord ... Unisex
Vajra Diamond|Diamond, Durga|Diamond... Unisex
Vajrakanti Name of a Raga... Unisex
Vajrashri Divine Diamond|One who shines ... Unisex
Vakul Flower; Clever; Patient; Circu... Unisex
Valda Lord Ganesh|Power, Rule|Power;... Unisex
Valika Diamond|Diamond; Creeper; Gree... Unisex
Valin Courage|Monkey King; Mighty So... Unisex
Vallabha Beloved|Lover|Lover; Beloved... Unisex
Vallaki A Lute|Single String Instrumen... Unisex
Vallari Cluster of blossoms|Creeper|Cr... Unisex
Valli Benevolence|Creeper|Creeper; F... Unisex
Vallini A Creeper... Unisex
Vama A lovely woman|Lady, Durga|Lor... Unisex
Vamana Short|The 5th incarnation of L... Unisex
Vamsee Flute of Lord Krishna|Flute of... Unisex
Vamshi Flute|Flute of Lord Krishna|Fl... Unisex
Vamsi Flute|Flute of Lord Krishna|Lo... Unisex
Van Equivalent of 'de' in French n... Unisex
Vanamala Garland of Forests|Garland of ... Unisex
Vanamalli Wild Jasmine... Unisex
Vanapriya Beloved of Forest; The Indian ... Unisex
Vanaspati Lord of the Woods|Protector of... Unisex
Vandana Adoration|Adoration, bright st... Unisex
Vandita Adored|Beautiful Angel; Adored... Unisex
Vandya Amiable; Praiseworthy|Praisewo... Unisex
Vaneet Intelligent|Slender, Intellige... Unisex
Vanhi Fire... Unisex
Vanishta One who has great belief, Anot... Unisex
Vanjul Beauty of the Forest|The beaut... Unisex
Vann Generally a prefix to a surnam... Unisex
Vanna Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterf... Unisex
Vanni God is Gracious|Goddess Sarswa... Unisex
Vanshi A beautiful flute|A variant of... Unisex
Vanshika Flute|Rising; Flute; Goddess P... Unisex
Vanya Gift of God|God is gracious|Gr... Unisex
Vapusa Nature; Beauty|embodied, wonde... Unisex
Vapusha Beautiful; Embodied; Nature; A... Unisex
Vara Blessing|Blessing, Goddess Par... Unisex
Varada Bestower, Daughter, Goddess La... Unisex
Varali Lord Chandra (Moon)|Moon|The M... Unisex
Varam Boon|Boon; Gift of God... Unisex
Varana A River|Holy River|Holy river,... Unisex
Varaprada Granter of Wishes And Boons|Gr... Unisex
Vardhana Bestower of Wealth|Bestower of... Unisex
Varenya Capable of Achieving Everythin... Unisex
Varij High; Lotus|Lotus|Lotus flower... Unisex
Varija Lotus... Unisex
Varisa Sleeping on the Sea|The rainy ... Unisex
Varisha Lighting; Love; The Rainy Seas... Unisex
Varnika Beautifully Coloured|Moon, Gol... Unisex
Varnu Colored|Coloured|The Sun... Unisex
Varsha Rain|Rain; Rainfall|Rain; Swee... Unisex
Vartika Goddess; Deep; Lamp|Lamp... Unisex

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with

V Va Ve Vi Vo Vr Vy
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