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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with M with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Unisex Names List

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Beginning with M

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby unisex names starting with m with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Maahi Another name for Prophet Muham... Unisex
Maali A ruler, the firstborn son|Hei... Unisex
Maalya Worthy to be garlanded; Wealth... Unisex
Maanal A Boy who is as free as a bird... Unisex
Maanasa Conceived in the mind|Mind|The... Unisex
Maanasi A sound minded woman|With a So... Unisex
Maanika A red coloured jew, the Ruby|A... Unisex
Maanyata An alert, attentive person|One... Unisex
Maardava A gentle, tender feeling|Gentl... Unisex
Maari God; Rain|Indian name that mea... Unisex
Maat Egyptian - Mythical goddess of... Unisex
Maaya A person who is true by heart|... Unisex
Maayan Fresh as a spring of water|Spr... Unisex
Mada A Form of Madaline, Magdalen|F... Unisex
Madana A person who heals people|God ... Unisex
Madani A person acting in a civilised... Unisex
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna; ... Unisex
Madhavi A Creeper With Beautiful Flowe... Unisex
Madhavilata A Flowering Creeper|A flowerin... Unisex
Madhi Lord Shiva|One of many names o... Unisex
Madhorubagan She who is like a Lord|Shiva /... Unisex
Madhu Anything sweet, mead|Honey|Hon... Unisex
Madhubala A Girl As Sweet As Honey|A gir... Unisex
Madhuchanda Metrical Composition|Metrical ... Unisex
Madhuchandra A girl sweet as a Moon|Honey M... Unisex
Madhuja A woman made of honey|Made of ... Unisex
Madhukanta A Creeper with Fragrant Flower... Unisex
Madhukara A honey sweet lover|Bee... Unisex
Madhuksara A person who baths in honey|On... Unisex
Madhul Sweet|Sweet Person; One who is... Unisex
Madhula A woman lovely and sweet as ho... Unisex
Madhulata A sweet creeper|Lovely Creeper... Unisex
Madhulekha A beautiful, gorgeous woman|Be... Unisex
Madhulika Flower nectar|Honey|Honey, nec... Unisex
Madhumalati A Flowering Creeper|A Flowerin... Unisex
Madhumathi A delightful sight of the moon... Unisex
Madhumitha Full of honey; Sweet person|Sw... Unisex
Madhuparna A leaf of tulsi|Tulsi Leaf|Tul... Unisex
Madhupriya Fond of Honey|One who is very ... Unisex
Madhupuspa A Spring Flower|A horizon|A sp... Unisex
Madhur Melodious|Melodious, Sweet|Mel... Unisex
Madhura She who has a voice sweel like... Unisex
Madhureema A sweet and charming girl|Hone... Unisex
Madhuri She who is full of sweetness|S... Unisex
Madhurima Charming|Indian name describin... Unisex
Madhurya Pleasant Night|She who has voi... Unisex
Madhushri Beauty of Spring|Beauty of spr... Unisex
Madhuvanthi One who is sweet like honey|Sw... Unisex
Madina A Quranic name for girls that ... Unisex
Madirakshi With Intoxicating Eyes|Woman W... Unisex
Madura A Bird|A bird; sugar|Bird... Unisex
Magadha A historical kingdom Magadha|F... Unisex
Magadhi Flower|Flower; As Pure as Jasm... Unisex
Magan A woman who is alluring as a p... Unisex
Magana Delightful|Engrossed|Precious ... Unisex
Magen Hebrew - Shield; Sanskrit - En... Unisex
Magesh A name of God|Lord Shiva|Usha... Unisex
Magha Name of a Nakshathra; Month's ... Unisex
Maghi Giving Gifts|Giving gift|One w... Unisex
Maghona Cloud|Ruler; Leader; Chief; Qu... Unisex
Magisha Women God... Unisex
Maha Beautiful Eyes; Gazelle; Large... Unisex
Mahabala Great Strength|Great Strength;... Unisex
Mahabhadra Ganga River|The river Ganga... Unisex
Mahabuddhi Extremely Intelligent... Unisex
Mahadevi Goddess Durga|Goddess Parvati|... Unisex
Mahagauri Another name of the Goddess Du... Unisex
Mahajabeen Beautiful... Unisex
Mahajan Great Man|People worthy of res... Unisex
Mahak A little girl who is cute and ... Unisex

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with

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