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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with D with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Unisex Names List

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Beginning with D

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby unisex names starting with d with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Dadhichi A Sage|Name of a Sage... Unisex
Dadhinadi River of milk and curd... Unisex
Dahana A Rudra|Powerful rudra|Rudra... Unisex
Dahi Curd; Beautiful|Lion, Rapid|Li... Unisex
Daivat A powerful individual|Luck|Luc... Unisex
Daivya A divine being|Divine|Divine; ... Unisex
Daksa Competent|Father of Parvati|Ta... Unisex
Daksha Able, Talented|Able; Talented|... Unisex
Dakshi Glorious|Golden; Son; Son of D... Unisex
Dakshin Indian word for south directio... Unisex
Dakshina A Donation To God Or Priest|A ... Unisex
Daksina Donation made|Goddess Durga|Ri... Unisex
Dalakamal A Lotus|Lotus; Beautiful like ... Unisex
Dalbir A soldier|Brave Soldier|Soldie... Unisex
Dale Dale, Valley|Dwells in the dal... Unisex
Dali A Flower|Drawn towards God... Unisex
Daljeet The Conqueror of Forces|The co... Unisex
Dama A noble woman|Control of the S... Unisex
Daman A Form of Damon|Beauty or Myst... Unisex
Damandeep Destroy|One who destroys... Unisex
Damara An educated woman|Gentle Girl;... Unisex
Damarava One who is all powerful... Unisex
Damian One who tames or subdues other... Unisex
Damya A Goddess|Tamable... Unisex
Danesh God of Wealth|Knowledge; learn... Unisex
Dani A Familiar Form of Danielle|A ... Unisex
Danielle A Biblical name|Feminine form ... Unisex
Danila God Is My Judge|God Is The Jud... Unisex
Danish From Denmark|Intelligent|One w... Unisex
Danna A Form of Dana|A Short Form of... Unisex
Danti Pateince, Self restraint|The d... Unisex
Danu Noisy; Goddess Earth; Sweetest... Unisex
Danuja Knight; a ruler|Son of Danu... Unisex
Dany A Familiar Form of Daniel|A va... Unisex
Dara Angel of rains and rivers|Brav... Unisex
Dari Moving Slowly; Opening; Splitt... Unisex
Darian A gift|Feminine of Darius; a P... Unisex
Darma Good Deed, Duty|Good deed or d... Unisex
Darpan A Mirror|Mirror|Reflection; Mi... Unisex
Darpana A Mirror|A small mirror|Induci... Unisex
Darsana Looking at; Lord Krisna|Proces... Unisex
Darsha See, Perceive, Vision|To Perce... Unisex
Darshana Observation|Observation, Seein... Unisex
Darshee Blessings|Blessings; Lord Kris... Unisex
Darshi A mentor, guide|Blessing; to h... Unisex
Darshwana Pure of Heart|Pure of Heart; O... Unisex
Daru Alcohol; Wine|Cedar tree|Liber... Unisex
Daruka Deodar Tre|Deodar Tree|Pine tr... Unisex
Darya One who is good|Possesses a lo... Unisex
Dasa A slave, a servant|Ten... Unisex
Dasha Circumstance; Period of life; ... Unisex
Dasya A Gift of God|A servant|The on... Unisex
Dathuya Lovable Person; One who is ver... Unisex
Daulat Happiness; Riches; Wealth|One ... Unisex
Dava Beloved davan - beloved one|Ve... Unisex
Davan A fascinating name|Yadav|belov... Unisex
Davin A precious being|Beloved|Black... Unisex
Davinder A good and steady worker who i... Unisex
Davu Good Boy|Starting of a new age... Unisex
Daya Bird of prey; a compassionate ... Unisex
Dayaanidhi A compassionate and merciful p... Unisex
Dayalu Compassionate|Compassionate; L... Unisex
Dayamayee Full of Mercy; Kind|Full of Me... Unisex
Dayan A compassionate man|A judge an... Unisex
Dayanita A tender human being|Merciful|... Unisex
Dayita A beloved and caring being|Bel... Unisex
Deb A prophetess; they have a uniq... Unisex
Debarpita A benedication; God's tool|Ren... Unisex
Debashmeet Lord of the Rings|One who is f... Unisex
Debashree Goddess Lakshmi; Divine beauty... Unisex

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Hindu Baby Unisex Names Starting with

D Da De Dh Di Do Dr Du Dv Dw Dy
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