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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with Y with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with Y

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with y with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Yaadav Lord Krishna; Descendant from ... Boy
Yaadroop A loyal devotee of the Lord|On... Boy
Yaagyasenee Pretty; Beautiful... Girl
Yaalchelvan Pride of Yaalpaanam|Pride of Y... Boy
Yaalmoli Melodious... Girl
Yaamoli Melodious... Girl
Yaasana Desire... Girl
Yaashvardhan One who is full of glory... Boy
Yaatri Traveller... Boy
Yachna Establishes|Feminine Hebrew fo... Girl
Yadana A form of Yadanar. It means ge... Girl
Yadavalli -Not Available-... Boy
Yadawa Name of Lord Krishna|One who i... Boy
Yadhavan Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna; Des... Boy
Yadita Lord of Night|Lord of the nigh... Girl
Yadnyesh Lord... Boy
Yadukumara Lord Krishna... Boy
Yadunath Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna; Pro... Boy
Yaduvir Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna; Bra... Boy
Yadvik Unique... Boy
Yagappan -Not Available-... Boy
Yagini -Not Available-... Girl
Yagnash Wish; Lord of the Yagna... Boy
Yagnik A Person who Performs Yagna / ... Boy
Yagyapal protector of yajna... Boy
Yahavi-Yagavi Bright Star... Girl
Yahvat Flowing Water... Boy
Yaja Pries-tress; Worshipper|Religi... Unisex
Yajan Praying; Worshipping|Worship; ... Boy
Yajati Worthy of Worship... Boy
Yajna Fire; Worship|Worship|Worship,... Unisex
Yajnapati -Not Available-... Boy
Yajnika Used in an oblation, Flame of ... Girl
Yajurv Vedic Worship... Boy
Yajushi Nice... Girl
Yajya Pavitra... Boy
Yaksa quick, living supernatural, in... Boy
Yakshesha -Not Available-... Boy
Yakshith God|God; Sun|Who is made forev... Boy
Yaksini A Yakshini is the female count... Girl
Yalman Strong Man; Highest of a Mount... Boy
Yamajit Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva, The one... Boy
Yaman Blessed|Blessed; Proper Name|G... Boy
Yamesa Having Yama as King... Boy
Yaminichandra A name of Lord Vishnu|Lord Vis... Boy
Yamrutha Nice good one... Girl
Yamunai Intelligent... Girl
Yamya An anothor name for Lord Shiva... Unisex
Yangkyi An adorable girl... Girl
Yanni A form of John, meaning God is... Boy
Yantraa Goddess Laxmi... Girl
Yara Friend|Little Butterfly|The Br... Unisex
Yarshit -Not Available-... Boy
Yasana Prayer... Girl
Yasasri God's name of success; Victory... Unisex
Yash Fame|Fame; Success|Glory... Boy
Yashana A Flower... Girl
Yashashree God's name for success|God's n... Unisex
Yashaskaram Bestower of Fame And Fortune... Boy
Yashasvin Famous; Glorious|Glorious; Fam... Boy
Yashaswini One Who Is Successful|Reputed|... Girl
Yashawant Always Famous... Boy
Yashesh Fame|Fame and popularity... Boy
Yashil Success|Success; Lord Shiva|Su... Boy
Yashit Person who brings fame, Famous... Boy
Yashmeet Lord of Fame; King of Hearts... Boy
Yashneil Famous, Glorious, Successful|F... Unisex
Yashodevi Goddess of Fame and Beauty... Girl
Yashogna -Not Available-... Girl
Yashovar Famous; Glorious|Glorious; Fam... Boy

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