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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with U with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with u with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with U

Name Meaning Gender
Ubendiran Lord Umesh... Boy
Uccala going up, the mind, understand... Boy
Ucchit Delightful; Proper; Fit; Right... Boy
Uchchala -Not Available-... Boy
Uchith Correct... Boy
Udaijot Rising Light|The rising light... Boy
Udanda Nemesis of Evils and Vices... Boy
Udantika Great; Satisfaction|Satiety|Sa... Girl
Udar Generous... Boy
Udaraksa with generous eyes, merciful... Boy
Udarchis A name of Lord Shiva|Lord Shiv... Boy
Udatta God is One|elevated, high, gen... Boy
Udaya Birth.Upcoming|Create a Lord; ... Unisex
Udayamana -Not Available-... Boy
Udayanjali Virtuous... Girl
Udayashva Fast; Progressing; Lord Vishnu... Boy
Udaybhan Rising sun|The Rising Sun... Boy
Udayvir Emerging as a Hero... Boy
Udbhasi Shining Forth... Boy
Udbhav Creation or to arise from|Crea... Boy
Udbhrama whirling, excitement... Boy
Uddalak A Sage|Name of a Ancient Saint... Boy
Uddarshan With Clear Vision... Boy
Uddhar Liberation|One who is free, an... Boy
Uddin Light... Boy
Uddipaka Inflaming... Boy
Uddisa Reclining High... Boy
Uddunath Lord of Stars... Boy
Udell From the Yew Tree Valley|Yew-t... Boy
Udgam Origin; Rising Star|Rising Sta... Boy
Udgeet The Syllable Om... Boy
Udgreeva -Not Available-... Boy
Udhay Blue Lotus|To rise; Blue Lotus... Boy
Udhayarani Rising Queen... Girl
Udhvitha Sunrise... Girl
Udi Pleasant, Sympathetic|Sympathe... Boy
Udipti Fire|On Fire... Girl
Udit Arisen|Awakened|Grown, Awakene... Boy
Uditya Sun; To Rise... Boy
Udrek Blossoming of a Thought; Super... Boy
Udumban Focussed; With Determination|W... Boy
Udupas boat shaped, the crescent moon... Boy
Udvaha Continuing, Carrying on|Descen... Girl
Udwamsa Of High Lineage... Boy
Udyat Ascending; A star; Rising|Star... Boy
Udyoth Brightness; Shine|Shine.bright... Boy
Ugan Constisting of extended troops... Boy
Ugrajit Victor of Passion|Victor of pa... Unisex
Ugranarsimha An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu... Boy
Ugrashava Son of Suramuni... Boy
Ugresh Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva; The mig... Boy
Ujaagar Famous, Renowned|Famous, Renow... Boy
Ujala Bright|Brightness|Light of The... Unisex
Ujayan Conqueror... Boy
Ujesha Conquering|Lord Shiva... Unisex
Ujjaini Rising... Girl
Ujjaljeet Bright Victory... Boy
Ujjan An Ancient Indian City... Boy
Ujjaya Ever Victorious Archer... Boy
Ujjayati One who has Won; Victorious|On... Girl
Ujjesha First; Victorious|Victorious... Girl
Ujjval Splendorous; Lit; Brilliant; A... Boy
Ujval Bright|Bright, Lustrous, Splen... Boy
Ujvalitha Lighting... Girl
Ukkuwa -Not Available-... Boy
Ukta Addressed; Said|Said; Addresse... Unisex
Ulagamuthu Gem of The World... Boy
Ulagarasan King of The World... Boy
Ulasa Happiness... Unisex
Ulhasini Bright; Lighted... Girl
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