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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with N with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with N

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with n with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Naadavalli Name of a Raga... Girl
Naagadatha One of the Kauravas... Boy
Naagchand Snake|The serpent, the serpent... Boy
Naagpal Nagpal Saviour of Serpents|Sav... Boy
Naajy Free from danger or the threat... Boy
Naamagal Magnificent Poetess, Orator|Ma... Girl
Naamliv Absorbed in Naam|Absorbed in N... Boy
Naarang Narang can be used as a surnam... Boy
Naathan Gift from God; Rewarded; Given... Boy
Naavalan Orator; Well-versed In The Art... Boy
Naayantara Star of Our Eyes|The shining s... Unisex
Nabaneeta Fresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Al... Girl
Nabeela Noble|Noble, Honorable|Noble; ... Girl
Nabhanipa A New Flower... Girl
Nabhasi Celestial... Girl
Nabhendu New Moon|The beautiful and pre... Boy
Nabhita Fearless... Unisex
Nabhoj Born In Sky|The person who cam... Boy
Nabhya Central|Centre of body, An anc... Unisex
Nachiappa Father of a burning fire|Speed... Boy
Nachiketas The name of the boy who went t... Boy
Nachni Dancer, Suggestive Look|Dancer... Unisex
Nadan Very simple... Boy
Nadapratithishta One Who Appreciates And Loves ... Boy
Nadeen A Form of Nadia|Hope|Hopeful... Unisex
Nadharanjani Name of a Raga... Girl
Nadiahope A hopeful promise to others... Unisex
Nadir Dear, Rare, Precious|Dear, Rar... Boy
Nadja 'Hope|A Form of Nadia|Hope... Girl
Naeem Benevoent|Blessing, Comfort, E... Boy
Naga Malleswari Queen for snakes... Girl
Nagabhooshan Siva; Who Wears Serpents as Or... Boy
Nagadhar Who keeps snake as pets... Boy
Nagaiyan The King of all the snakes... Boy
Nagalakshmi Central... Girl
Nagamatr Mother of serpents... Girl
Nagamuthu The Begining; First... Girl
Naganandi The girl child of the snake... Unisex
Naganika Serpent Maiden... Girl
Nagappan The ancestors of the snake... Boy
Nagaraju King of Snakes|The master king... Boy
Nagarin Lord of A Town|The master of t... Boy
Nagasami Master of the serpents... Boy
Nagaswamy Emperor of Snake|The royal emp... Boy
Nagdhari Name of Lord Shiva... Boy
Nagesh King of Snake; Lord Shiva; Cos... Boy
Nageshwara Lord of the Mountains|The mona... Boy
Nageswari Goddess of the Mountain; Eleph... Girl
Nagin A feminine form of snake|Gem; ... Unisex
Nagini A female that turns into a lar... Girl
Nagpal Savior of serpents|Saviour of ... Boy
Nagu A gentle person, a simple one|... Unisex
Nahar Day|In Arabic it refers to the... Unisex
Nahusa fellow creature... Boy
Naidhruva near perfection, the grandson ... Boy
Naikadris many eyed, a son of visvamitra... Boy
Naim A calm or tranquil person|Comf... Boy
Naimish A Mythological Forest; Transie... Boy
Nain Beauty, pleasantness. [Non-Ger... Unisex
Nainasukha delightful to the eye... Boy
Naininder God can been seen in the eyes ... Boy
Nainy Pupil of the eye... Girl
Nairanjana pure, pleasing, a river that f... Boy
Nairuthi Rises of world|The rise of the... Girl
Naishadha King Nala, King of Nishadha|Ki... Unisex
Naitee A little gift; End less... Girl
Naivadya Bhagwan ka Prasad (Divine gift... Boy
Naivy Blue Related... Girl
Najat A salvation from the ill|Rescu... Unisex
Naju Proudly; Noble... Boy

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Hindu Baby Names Starting with

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