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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with M with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with M

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with m with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Maadharasi Queen of Women... Girl
Maadhuree Madhuree Dikshit... Girl
Maaheshvari Power of Lord Mahesha (Lord Sh... Girl
Maaksharth It means, Precious part of a M... Boy
Maalav A keeper og the horses|A music... Boy
Maalika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garl... Girl
Maalya Worthy to be garlanded; Wealth... Unisex
Maanasi A sound minded woman|With a So... Unisex
Maanavika Young girl... Girl
Maandhar Honourable... Boy
Maani One who hinders wrong... Boy
Maanini Lady; Nobel; Women; Self respe... Girl
Maanswi Skilled... Girl
Maanvir Brave from Heart|Brave heart|O... Boy
Maaran Brave|Brave and powerful Knigh... Boy
Maargit Pearl; Desired; Needed... Boy
Maarisha Worthy; Respectable... Girl
Maarshak Respectable; Worthy... Boy
Maasilan A pure person with no blemishe... Boy
Maathar Traveller; Voyager... Boy
Maaya A person who is true by heart|... Unisex
Machakanni Happiness... Girl
Madaalsaa -Not Available-... Girl
Madan An Indian name for Cupid, God ... Boy
Madanapala King of Love|One who is the Ki... Boy
Madanjeet Victory on Cupid|Victory on Cu... Boy
Madanpal A name for Cupid who is the Go... Boy
Madayisnu delighting, intoxicating... Boy
Madeshwaran Lord Shiva... Boy
Madhana God of Love; Cupid|God of Love... Boy
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna; ... Unisex
Madhavasri Vernal beauty... Girl
Madhavilata A Flowering Creeper|A flowerin... Unisex
Madhevi Sweet... Girl
Madhirukkum A male name of Tamil origin|Go... Boy
Madhu Smitha Sweet face... Boy
Madhubani An art form|Forest of Honey... Girl
Madhuchhanda A Flowering Creeper|Pleasing M... Girl
Madhuhan Lord Vishnu|Name of the Lord V... Boy
Madhuka A lover sweet as a honey bee|C... Boy
Madhukar A bee, lover|Honey Bee, Lover|... Boy
Madhukiran Sweet Ray as from God|Sweet Ra... Boy
Madhulan -Not Available-... Boy
Madhulla Pomegranate... Girl
Madhumanti Sweet; Polite... Girl
Madhumeet Friend of Honey... Girl
Madhunika Sweetness of Honey... Girl
Madhupal Honey keeper... Boy
Madhur Melodious|Melodious, Sweet|Mel... Unisex
Madhurani Queen of Bees... Girl
Madhurim Beautiful... Boy
Madhushree Beauty of Spring|Beauty; of Sp... Girl
Madhusudan Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna, One... Boy
Madhutraya the mixture of 3 sweet things... Boy
Madhuveman Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna, One... Boy
Madhvaksa with honey coloured eyes, anot... Boy
Madhyam Channel; Medium; Intermediary|... Boy
Madira Intoxicating, Nectar|Nectar|Ne... Girl
Madnashini She who Destroys Pride... Girl
Madur A Bird|Bird|Gentle, a soft per... Boy
Madvan Intoxicating; Delightful; Drun... Boy
Magadhi Flower|Flower; As Pure as Jasm... Unisex
Magarajothi A Lady with Intoxicating Eyes... Girl
Magesh A name of God|Lord Shiva|Usha... Unisex
Maghi Giving Gifts|Giving gift|One w... Unisex
Magisha Women God... Unisex
Maha Durga The Goddess Durga who is sleep... Girl
Mahaabala Having immense strength; Great... Girl
Mahaan A Great Person|A person who ha... Boy
Mahabali A man of great strenght, might... Boy

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