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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with L with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with L

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with l with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Laajwantie -Not Available-... Girl
Laalima Reddish glow; Supreme; Beautif... Girl
Laasak Dancer; Body; Playful; Peacock... Boy
Laavanya Beauty|Beauty; Appealing; Attr... Unisex
Labaka Hai|It means ' a person with a... Unisex
Labeeb Labeeb means The Sensible One|... Boy
Labhanshi -Not Available-... Girl
Labib Intelligent; Sensible|Labib me... Boy
Labuki A kind of lute|Musical Instrum... Unisex
Ladli Ladli means She is Loved|Loved... Girl
Laghu Light|Lovely; Pure; Young|Love... Unisex
Lagumesh Lucky... Boy
Lahban Salt|Salt; An Indian Surname... Boy
Lahkshmi Goddess of Wealth... Girl
Lailah Lailah means Dark, Night... Girl
Lairya Hindu Goddess... Girl
Lajitha Modest... Girl
Lajjan Modesty... Boy
Lajjawati A Sensitive Plant; Modest Woma... Girl
Lajni Lajni means Shy|Shy... Girl
Lajwanti A Sensitive Plant|A sensitive ... Girl
Lakha Money... Boy
Lakhini One who Gives and Takes... Girl
Lakhvinder Modesty... Girl
Laksaka ray of beauty... Boy
Laksh Aim|Aim, Destination, Target|A... Boy
Lakshamikant vishnu, husband of goddess lak... Boy
Lakshanya A person who achieves the goal... Unisex
Lakshetha Distinguished... Girl
Lakshita A Person who has Some Aims; Di... Unisex
Lakshman Auspicious|Auspicious, Prosper... Boy
Lakshmeesh Lord Vishnu and Lordess of Lak... Boy
Lakshmi Prasanna -Not Available-... Girl
Lakshmibai Goddess Sita... Girl
Lakshmideepthi It is a name that means, Divin... Girl
Lakshmigopal Lord Vishnu|One of many names ... Boy
Lakshmikanth Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi's husband... Boy
Lakshminarayan A name that means Lord Perumal... Boy
Lakshmipati Husband of Lakshmi|Husband of ... Boy
Lakshmishree A person who is blessed with g... Unisex
Lakshyaa Aim|It means aim or goal... Girl
Laksman Brother of Lord Ram; Lucky; So... Boy
Laksmivinaya good fortune, modest conduct... Boy
Lalam As beutiful as tulip flower|Je... Unisex
Lalasa Dove|Love|Love; Dove which is ... Unisex
Lalchandra Red Moon|Red Moon; Lovely Moon... Boy
Lalil Evening Sun Flow|Evening Sun; ... Boy
Lalita An elegant, gracious woman of ... Girl
Lalitamohana Attractive, Beautiful|Attracti... Girl
Lalith Beautiful|Beautiful; Desirable... Boy
Lalithakumari Wife of Vishnu... Girl
Lalithamohini Beautiful; Attractive... Girl
Lalitkumar Beautiful|Beautiful; Handsome;... Boy
Lalji A variant of Lal; Lovely; Belo... Boy
Laloo Indian name that means innocen... Boy
Lamba Flame... Girl
Lambodar Indian name that means Lord Ga... Boy
Lamha Time... Girl
Lander From the Grassy Plain; Propert... Boy
Langith A variant of name Langit meani... Boy
Lankapuravidahaka He Who Burnt Lanka|The one who... Boy
Lapita Spoken, Speech, Voice... Girl
Larika -Not Available-... Girl
Larraj A Sage|A wise and enlightened ... Boy
Lashika Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Laxmi... Girl
Lasika -Not Available-... Girl
Lasritha Always Laughing... Girl
Latabha Handsome, Beautiful... Girl
Latangi A Creeper|A creeper; Slim girl... Unisex
Lateesha A Form of Leticia, Latisha|Lov... Girl

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