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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with J with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with J

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with j with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Jaabir Comforter|Comforter; Consoler|... Boy
Jaagravi Alert; Awake; Watchful; King... Girl
Jaahnav Hindu Rishi who kept Ganga on ... Boy
Jaamini Night|Night; Flower... Girl
Jaanavi Ganga - the river; As precious... Girl
Jaapak Meditative; Muttering prayers... Boy
Jaavali -Not Available-... Girl
Jabarr One who consoles others... Boy
Jaber Consoler, restorer, comforter|... Boy
Jabin Forehead|Forehead, brow|Forehe... Unisex
Jacksen Son of the man who thinks the ... Boy
Jacobe One who believes on God's prot... Boy
Jacoby A supplanter|a form of Jacob... Boy
Jacqui A Short Form of Jacqueline|A g... Girl
Jacynda A rejuvenaited woman... Girl
Jadadhar Lord Shiva, The one having mat... Boy
Jadil Haqq One who follows the truth in l... Boy
Jaella A woman who is prominent... Girl
Jafar A River|A River; Rivulet; Litt... Boy
Jagacandra A moon that is universal|Unive... Boy
Jagadambal Forehead... Girl
Jagaday Life of the Universe|The whole... Boy
Jagadeesan God... Boy
Jagadeeswaran An Emperor of the entire wold'... Boy
Jagadguru Preceptor of the universe... Boy
Jagadipa He is the universe's light|Lig... Boy
Jagadvikhyat The Emperor of the universe|Wo... Boy
Jagajeevan Life of The World|Life of the ... Boy
Jagamohana Attracts the World|To attract ... Boy
Jaganathan Gift of god... Unisex
Jaganmay He who spreads himself all ove... Boy
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; C... Unisex
Jagannidhi Respectable of the World|Respe... Boy
Jagapreet Beloved of the World|Beloved o... Boy
Jagat Prakash Light of the world|The light o... Boy
Jagatbehari He who travels the entire worl... Boy
Jagatheesh -Not Available-... Boy
Jagatjeet Victorious of the World; Conqu... Boy
Jagatpal Caretaker of The World ( God )... Boy
Jagatveer Bravest In The World ( Jagveer... Boy
Jagbir Brave Man|He is brave|Warrior ... Boy
Jagdeo God of The World|God of the Wo... Boy
Jagdish God, Lord of the universe, The... Boy
Jagesha Lord Shiva's Pet Name|Lord of ... Boy
Jaghan Everything in the world|Univer... Boy
Jagish Lord of The Universe|Lord of t... Boy
Jagjodh One who won God over|Warrior o... Boy
Jagmohan One Who Attracts The World|One... Boy
Jagori Awake... Girl
Jagrati Awakening|Awakening, Vigilance... Unisex
Jagroop Embodiment of The World|Embodi... Boy
Jagruti Awakening|Awakening, Vigilance... Unisex
Jaguri One who Wakes Others Up|One wh... Boy
Jahaan Land|Man of the world|She is t... Unisex
Jahanavi River Ganga, The great river... Girl
Jaheel Lake... Girl
Jahnav A Hindu Rishi, the one who kep... Boy
Jahusa leftover, a son of puspavat... Boy
Jai Krishna Lord Krishna's victory|The vic... Boy
Jai-Anand Joy; Happiness; Victory... Boy
Jaibhushan Ornament of Victory|Ornament o... Boy
Jaichandran Jaya- victory, Chandran- Moon,... Boy
Jaiden A variant of Jaydev (Lord of t... Unisex
Jaidhwani Shout of Victory... Girl
Jaiganesh Ganapati is the victorious|Vic... Boy
Jaigopal The victory of Lord Krishna|Vi... Boy
Jaihasini Victory of Happiness... Girl
Jaikirti Glory of Victory|The glory fou... Unisex
Jaikrta Causing Victory|One who is cau... Boy
Jailen A Form of Jalen|Calm... Boy

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Hindu Baby Names Starting with

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