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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with E with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with E

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with e with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Eakant Alone|Loneliness; Alone; Being... Boy
Eashaa Desire; Durga... Girl
Eashanye The Diety who Looks After the ... Girl
Eashwar God|God; Supreme Being; Creato... Boy
Easwar The Lord... Boy
Ebbani Desire|Fog; Honey dew|It means... Girl
Ecchumati A River|Flowing water; river; ... Girl
Edha A Type of Wood; Sacred; Holy|H... Unisex
Edhitha Progressed, Increased|Progress... Girl
Eegaiarasan King of Charity... Boy
Eehaan The Sun... Boy
Eeksha Feather|Seeing; Looking; Visti... Boy
Eelamynthan Son of eelam|Song of Eelam; Yo... Boy
Eepsu Pie; Cake|Starving to obtain; ... Boy
Eesaanan Evolved|Evolved; Grown; Develo... Boy
Eeshana Desire; Wish|God; Supreme Bein... Boy
Eeshtva Love|Supremacy; One who is the... Boy
Eeshwak Lord Shiva|One who is like a p... Boy
Eeswar God|God; Supreme Being; Creato... Boy
Egappan King of Charity; One of many n... Boy
Ehimay All Pervasive|All Pervasive; O... Boy
Ehta One who is highly praised... Boy
Eila Earth|Light|The Earth... Unisex
Eiravati Lightening, Ravi River|Lighten... Girl
Eisu Goddess Parvati; Desire; Pleas... Girl
Eka Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu,matchl... Unisex
Ekaaksha One Eyed; Shiva|One of many na... Boy
Ekaatma Oneself; Alone; Being on your ... Boy
Ekacakra One Wheel; The Chariot of the ... Boy
Ekachandra Only moon|The Only Moon|The On... Boy
Ekad The First One... Boy
Ekadanthan Lord ganapathy... Boy
Ekadrina Name of Lord Shiva... Boy
Ekagrah Focused|Focused; Firm; Decisiv... Boy
Ekajata One who has a single twisted l... Boy
Ekakini Lonely, Alone... Girl
Ekakshara A Name For Lord Ganesha|Alone;... Boy
Ekalinga . Shiva|Lord Shiva|Name of Lor... Boy
Ekambal Sky|Sky; Heaven; Lord of the S... Boy
Ekambari Sky... Girl
Ekamranath Lord of the Sky; Lord of the H... Boy
Ekanai The Only Leader|The one and on... Boy
Ekanayak Lord Shiva; The Sole Master|So... Boy
Ekangika Made of sandalwood, Fair... Girl
Ekansh One who is Complete, whole, on... Boy
Ekantaraj Devoted girl|King of Solitary;... Boy
Ekantin Aname for the Follower of Vish... Unisex
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; L... Girl
Ekaraj Emperor|Emperor; Ruler; King; ... Boy
Ekasarg Closely Attentive; Concentrate... Boy
Ekatala Emperor; Single Beat|Rhythmic;... Unisex
Ekathva Oneness... Girl
Ekaveera A famous historical prince... Girl
Ekayana Doctrine of Unity; Worldly Wis... Boy
Ekchatra complete command... Boy
Ekendra The Sole Lord; The Supreme Bei... Boy
Ekeswar Eswar is one|God is One|The Su... Boy
Ekish The primal God; Brahman or the... Boy
Ekkuntal Another name of Balaram... Boy
Ekodar Brother|Brother; An elderly pe... Boy
Ekrama Only One God Rama|Regard; Hono... Boy
Eksika Eye... Girl
Ekulavya one with concentrated knowledg... Boy
Eladevi -Not Available-... Girl
Elamathi Young Brain... Girl
Elango Author of Tamil Masterpiece Si... Boy
Elaputra Of the Cardamom Creeper|One wh... Boy
Elavarasan Prince|Prince Also Ilavarasan ... Boy
Elayakumaran Lord Murugan... Boy
Eleyaraj King|King of the Earth; Prince... Boy

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Hindu Baby Names Starting with

E Ea Eb Ec Ed Ee Ef Eg Eh Ei Ek El Em En
Eo Ep Er Es Et Eu Ev Ez
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