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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with D with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with D

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with d with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Daakshya Cleverness; Honesty; Brillianc... Girl
Daamodar A Name of Krishna|Lord Krishna... Boy
Daanish Full of knowledge|Knowledge; W... Boy
Daarun A strong man|Hard Male Hindu|P... Boy
Daayini Giver... Girl
Dabir A brilliant teacher|Judge|Secr... Boy
Dadhichi A Sage|Name of a Sage... Unisex
Dadich The Person who Donate Self Bon... Boy
Daeven God|Little Black One... Boy
Daga Camel... Boy
Dageshwari Dazzling... Girl
Dahanapriya Beloved of Fire|Beloved of fir... Girl
Daibadin Creator of Religion... Boy
Daitya Sai Non Aryan... Boy
Daityas A non aryan... Boy
Daivey Dearly Loved|The one who is de... Boy
Daiwik By The Grace of God|By the gra... Boy
Dakini A demon|Witch... Girl
Daksanila A Cold Southern Breeze; A Perf... Boy
Daksayani Godess Parvati; Daughter of Da... Girl
Dakshaja Daughter... Girl
Dakshat Fit; Able; Talented|Talented; ... Boy
Dakshesh A ruler|Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva;... Boy
Dakshhtha Efficiency; Care... Girl
Dakshinamoorthy Incarnation of Shiva... Boy
Dakshit Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva; Derived... Boy
Dakshya Cleverness; Honesty; Brillianc... Boy
Dal Blind|Blind; Group; Petal; Par... Boy
Dalajita Conquering a Group|The one who... Boy
Dalbhya Belonging To Wheels|Belonging ... Boy
Dali A Flower|Drawn towards God... Unisex
Dalmi Indra's Thunderbolt; Tearing|I... Boy
Dalyn A Form of Dale|Blacksmith who ... Boy
Daman A Form of Damon|Beauty or Myst... Unisex
Damara An educated woman|Gentle Girl;... Unisex
Damati One who Subdues a Conquerer|On... Boy
Dambara Self Restrained|The one who re... Boy
Damita A little noble lady|Little Nob... Girl
Damodaran Lord Shiva; One who has Lotus ... Boy
Damosnisa Desirous of Wealth|One who des... Boy
Danabhakiyam Lightning... Girl
Danapati Lord of Generosity|Lord of Gen... Boy
Danataya The one who is pure... Girl
Danavendra Granter of boons... Boy
Dandaka A Handle; A Pole; A Small Staf... Boy
Dandasri Best Among the Staffs; Best Ju... Boy
Danesh God of Wealth|Knowledge; learn... Unisex
Danika Element name; morning star|Mor... Girl
Daniya Gazing|Near, Close|Near; Close... Girl
Danta A Name for Lord Hanuman; Calm|... Boy
Danuj A Danava|A Danava; Born of Dan... Boy
Danusiya Glow... Girl
Danvir Charitable|Lover of charity... Boy
Darahaas Make Other to Smile; Smiley Pe... Boy
Darareaksmey A bright star|bright star... Girl
Dari Moving Slowly; Opening; Splitt... Unisex
Darika A lovely maiden|Maiden... Girl
Darma Good Deed, Duty|Good deed or d... Unisex
Darmik Gracious, benevolent and phila... Boy
Darpahan Destroyer of Ego|Destroyer of ... Boy
Darpana A Mirror|A small mirror|Induci... Unisex
Darpitaa -Not Available-... Girl
Darsanapala Mirror|Mirror; One who reflect... Boy
Darsatha Visible... Girl
Darshal Prayer of God|Prayer which is ... Boy
Darshangeet Songs of Vision|Songs on godli... Boy
Darshee Blessings|Blessings; Lord Kris... Unisex
Darshil Beautiful Looking|Beautiful Lo... Boy
Darshit Display|Display; Seen; Reflect... Boy
Darshni The One Who Blesses|Used to de... Girl

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