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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Names Starting with C with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

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Hindu Baby Names Beginning with C

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby names starting with c with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Cachari moving quickly... Boy
Cahndravati Illuminated by moon... Girl
Caitri Born in spring, As Beautiful... Girl
Cakarpala He is content... Boy
Cakrabhuj A disc holder|Holding a Disc; ... Boy
Cakraki Lord Vishnu; Possessing the Di... Boy
Cakravaka A round mouthed Boy|Has a Roun... Boy
Cakravata A forceful man|Fierce; Forcefu... Boy
Caksani Soothing to the eyes, Illumina... Girl
Caksusa One who is clairvoyant|Seer... Boy
Calapati Lord of the Moving|One who is ... Boy
Camarsa One who is born to teach; a bo... Boy
Cameli A Jasmine flower... Girl
Campaka A champaka tree|Champaka Tree... Boy
Campika Little Champa flower... Girl
Canaka A bean sort, Chickpea|Chickpea... Unisex
Canda Fierce; Passionate; Violent|He... Boy
Candamunda -Not Available-... Girl
Candansu Another name for the Sun|Hot R... Boy
Candavega Move with a Fierce Speed|One w... Boy
Candila Angry; Hot|Her glow is white|H... Unisex
Candrabhanu radiant moon, enlightening... Boy
Candraka One with a red mark on the for... Boy
Candralekha A digit of the moon, A daughte... Girl
Candramohan Attractive as the Moon|To be l... Unisex
Candransu He is like the beam of the moo... Boy
Candravali Moon like, A Yogini... Girl
Candrila Lord Shiva; Possessing the Moo... Unisex
Cangadasa A Wise Devotee|A wise and devo... Boy
Capin Armed with a Bow|armed with a ... Boy
Cariman A beauty in the moving|Beauty;... Boy
Carmin Covered with Hides|She is like... Unisex
Caru A lovely person|Agreeable; Cha... Unisex
Carudatta Born of Beauty|He who is born ... Boy
Carudhi With an auspicious... Girl
Carumat intelligent... Boy
Carusila Beautiful Jewel... Girl
Caruvinda A man who strives for beauty|S... Boy
Casukhela Name of son of Cadan; youthful... Boy
Caturasva A horse owner|One who Owns Fou... Boy
Caturnana A Hindi Boy name... Boy
Caudrayna A Prince who Inspires|AN inspi... Boy
Cedija One who is a saon of Cedi|Son ... Boy
Cencanna An attractive and lively man|V... Boy
Cetas Heart; Soul; Intelligece; Mind... Boy
Chaaduryan A meticulous protector... Boy
Chaanakya A Great Scholar|A bright and r... Boy
Chaandvika Beautiful moon... Girl
Chaaruchandra Beautiful moon, Son of Rukmini... Boy
Chaarun Peaceful... Boy
Chaayan Moon; Collection... Boy
Chabindra Gives value to relations... Girl
Chaddalika -Not Available-... Girl
Chadrika Easily adaptable to situations... Girl
Chaga A Goat; the one having a domin... Boy
Chahak Lovable person... Girl
Chahaya Light... Boy
Chaidya Wise; Ruler; King of Chedi... Boy
Chainika Chosen one|Specially Selected;... Girl
Chaital Consciousness|Consciousness; N... Unisex
Chaitana Conciousness|Perception; Intel... Girl
Chaithanya Active; Energetic; Divine Radi... Unisex
Chaitnya Consciousness; Wisdom; Soul; M... Boy
Chaitreyesh -Not Available-... Boy
Chaiyn Krishna|One of many names of K... Boy
Chakesh Intelligent|King; Emperor; One... Boy
Chakori A Bird Enamoured of The Moon|A... Girl
Chakradev Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu, Lord ... Boy
Chakranhi Power of Wheel... Girl
Chakravartee A Sovereign King|A republican ... Boy

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WebConte provide list of A to Z Baby Names with Significant Meaning, Numerology, Zodiac Sign (Rashi) and which are Unique, Cute, Modern, Latest, Popular, Cool, Trendy, Religious, Traditional Lovely, Ancient and Perfect Name for your Newborn Baby.

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