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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Z with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with z with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with Z

Name Meaning Gender
Zaaei Name of a Flower in Marathi|Na... Girl
Zaafira Victorious, Successful|Victori... Girl
Zaanjar A Girl Ornament of Leg|A girl ... Unisex
Zaara Beautiful Flower|Bright; Light... Girl
Zachni Most Beautiful Dancer... Girl
Zaffarien -Not Available-... Girl
Zahbia Beautiful... Girl
Zaheera A flowering plant|Helper; Supp... Girl
Zahira Expression, Shining, Luminous|... Girl
Zahra Beautiful|Beautiful; Fair|Beau... Girl
Zahril Poisonous... Girl
Zahrin Beautiful... Girl
Zaid Great|Great Abundance|Great ab... Unisex
Zaida Abundance; Fortunate; Proserou... Girl
Zain A Form of Zane|Beautiful, pret... Unisex
Zaina A form of zanna|A girl who is ... Girl
Zainee -Not Available-... Girl
Zaitra A precious gift|Blessings... Girl
Zakiyaa Intelligent; Pure|Pure... Girl
Zalak Instant Appearance... Unisex
Zalika One who is well born|Quiet; We... Girl
Zallary Mermaid... Girl
Zamuni A Holy River of Hindu; Purple ... Girl
Zana A form of zanna|A variant of I... Girl
Zanie God Grace... Girl
Zanisha Dispeller of ignorance; Ruler ... Girl
Zankar Melodious Voice|Ringing of Pay... Unisex
Zankhana Deep Desire|One who holds a de... Girl
Zankhna Deep Desire... Girl
Zankrut Auspicious|One who is consider... Unisex
Zansi A courageous and daredevil lad... Girl
Zantra To rise to the highest point... Girl
Zaqaria Cute... Girl
Zara Blooming flower|Blossom|Bright... Girl
Zaral Easy|Easy; Nobleman... Girl
Zareefa Elegant, nice, delicate, minia... Girl
Zareen A beautiful smile|Full of Expr... Girl
Zarin Full of expression and smile; ... Girl
Zarina Beautiful|Golden|Magical; The ... Girl
Zarinaa Queen... Girl
Zarna A Small Stream of Sweet Water|... Girl
Zatinga River... Girl
Zaveri Devine... Girl
Zaw Burmese word for saint or prac... Unisex
Zeba Beautiful|Beauty|Pretty... Girl
Zebidiah God Has Given|Purple Panguin C... Unisex
Zeel Jharna|Silent lake; Jharna|Wat... Girl
Zeena A Hospitable Woman|A Hospitabl... Girl
Zeenat Adornment; Ornament; Delicate ... Girl
Zelam Name of River|Name of River in... Girl
Zena A Hospitable Woman|Abbreviatio... Unisex
Zenia Flower|Hospitable|Hospitable; ... Girl
Zenisha God is graceful|God is graciou... Girl
Zenith Computer|From the highest poin... Unisex
Zenobia Child of zeus sinobia|Fathers ... Girl
Zenoushka Little Maid... Girl
Zenshi Sweet; Complete... Girl
Zerelda Brave Warrior Woman|Brave, Wom... Girl
Zeyar One who excels in everything|S... Unisex
Zeynap Name of Prophet Mohhamad's Chi... Girl
Zeyo Rounded... Girl
Zhalak Glimpse; Spark; Sudden motion... Girl
Zhamak One who glows and spreads ligh... Unisex
Zhanvi Ganga the river... Girl
Zheel Falling of Water... Girl
Zhindhu One who is considered as the p... Girl
Zia Enlightened|Light|Light, Splen... Unisex
Ziana Bold|Brave and bold|Telugu... Girl
Zikshita One who is full of pride|Pride... Girl
Zila Shade|Shadow or Shade|Shadow z... Unisex
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