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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with S with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Girl Names List

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with S

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with s with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Saachee Beloved|Beloved; Grace; Truth;... Unisex
Saachi A person who is beloved becaus... Girl
Saadhaka Proficient; Magical; An aspira... Girl
Saadhana Long practice; Study; Fulfilme... Girl
Saadhanaa Practice; A Quest... Girl
Saadhika Goddess Durga; Achiever; Pious... Girl
Saadhvi Religious women; Courteous; Po... Girl
Saadhya Accomplishment; Perfection; Fe... Unisex
Saadri Chief or leader or judge; Conq... Girl
Saadvitha -Not Available-... Girl
Saagarika Wave; Born in the ocean... Girl
Saagnika Fiery, passionate, or with fir... Girl
Saahana Long Life|Raaga or patience; Q... Girl
Saahasyara Adorer... Girl
Saahili Suitor... Girl
Saahithi Literature... Girl
Saaj A worshiper of God|One who wor... Unisex
Saakithya Literature... Girl
Saakshee Witness|Witness; Evidence... Girl
Saakshi Witness|Witness; Evidence... Girl
Saaliha A uselful and good person|Good... Unisex
Saaman Jasmine|Morning; Goddess of so... Unisex
Saamanta Equality; Bordering; Name of a... Girl
Saamiya An elevated woman|Elevated, Ex... Unisex
Saana A place name, the name of the ... Girl
Saanavi Sanvi or Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Saanchi Goddess Laxmi... Girl
Saanchitha Collection of Verses... Girl
Saangathya Forgiveness... Girl
Saanghvi Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Saania A moment in time preserved... Girl
Saaniya A moment in time preserved... Girl
Saaniyah A moment in time preserved... Girl
Saanjali A hand that is claspled in a p... Girl
Saanjh An evening, a latter part of t... Unisex
Saanvi Tarita Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Parva... Girl
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Lakshm... Girl
Saanvika A name of Goddess Lakshmi|Godd... Girl
Saanya A moment in time preserved... Girl
Saara A noble-born woman, a princess... Girl
Saarangi Distinguished; Doe; Musical in... Girl
Saarika Cute Name; A Parrot|Morning; G... Girl
Saarikaa A Bird; Cuckoo; Nightingale|A ... Girl
Saarin Helpful... Unisex
Saarya Name of a pious woman... Girl
Saashi Moon... Girl
Saashini Moon; Intelligent; Shinning; B... Girl
Saatvika Calm|Goddess Durga; Calm|Name ... Unisex
Saatwika Calm|Fighter... Girl
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Lakshm... Girl
Saavini About the month of Saavan; One... Girl
Saavitree Charanter in Holy Indian Book... Girl
Saavitri A ray of light; Hymn; A form o... Girl
Saavya Lord Vishnu... Girl
Saaya Shadow|Shelter; Shade; Influen... Girl
Saayan Friend; Kind heart|Precious Fr... Unisex
Sabari A tribal devotee of Lord Rama;... Unisex
Sabeena Beautiful|Beautiful; From the ... Girl
Sabeshan Joy... Girl
Sabhnam Water Drops on Leaves... Girl
Sabhramati Full of water... Girl
Sabhya A refined and civilized one|Ci... Unisex
Sabi A leading scholar of his time,... Girl
Sabine A Sabine. From an ancient Roma... Unisex
Sabita A beautiful sunshine|Beautiful... Girl
Sabitha Beautiful sunshine|Sunshine|Th... Girl
Sabitri A ray of light; Hymn; A form o... Girl
Sabnam -Not Available-... Girl
Sabrang A rainbow|Rainbow... Unisex
Sabri Daughter of Cyprus|Lord Ram'S ... Unisex

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with

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