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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with R with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Girl Names List

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with R

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with r with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Raaadhika Love of Krishna... Girl
Raadha Wealth; Success; Lightning; Lo... Girl
Raadhaa Radha; Krishna's Beloved... Girl
Raadhana Speech... Girl
Raadhani Worship... Girl
Raadhi Achievement or success|Achieve... Girl
Raadhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The... Girl
Raadhiya Lover of Krishna; Satisfied... Girl
Raaga Belongs to Music Terms|Belongs... Girl
Raagavarshini -Not Available-... Girl
Raagavi One that sings with Raaga|Sing... Girl
Raaghavi Raga... Girl
Raagini A Melody, Music|A melody; Musi... Girl
Raagvi Godly... Girl
Raaheel To go on a journey|Traveler|Tr... Unisex
Raahi Good Companion|Traveler|Travel... Unisex
Raaida A woman leader|Explorer, Guide... Girl
Raaisha Leader; Goddess... Girl
Raaka Direction; Full Moon|Full Moon... Girl
Raakhee A Bond of Love... Girl
Raakhi A thread tied by sister to bro... Girl
Raakin A respectful one|Respectful... Unisex
Raashi Collection|Collection; Cluster... Girl
Raasya With essence; Sentimental; Ful... Girl
Raatri Night... Girl
Raavee A person of brilliant characte... Unisex
Raavi A River|A variant spelling of ... Unisex
Rabab A white cloud|White Cloud|Whit... Unisex
Rabah Fourth Born|Fourth Born Child|... Unisex
Rabani Divine|Divine; God's Favourite... Girl
Rabhya Worshipped|Worshipped; Celebra... Girl
Rabia Famous, Godly|Famous; Godly|Ga... Girl
Rabita A bond, a link|Band, Bond, Lin... Girl
Rabsimar -Not Available-... Girl
Rabya Garden; Famous; Godly... Girl
Racana Accomplishment, Creation... Girl
Rach A Frog|American name meaning e... Unisex
Rachana A creation|Arrangement; Constr... Unisex
Rachany Night... Girl
Rachi East; Morning|Lamb|Morning, lo... Girl
Rachika A mirage or a ray|Creator|Crea... Girl
Rachita Created|Created; One who is cr... Unisex
Rachitha Created... Girl
Rachiyata Creator... Girl
Rachna A construstion or a creation|A... Girl
Racita Indian name meaning the creato... Unisex
Raddha A variant spelling of Radha|A ... Unisex
Raddhi A variant spelling of Radha|A ... Unisex
Radha Beloved of Lord Krishna, Prosp... Girl
Radhamani Beloved of Lord Krishna|lord k... Girl
Radhana Speech... Girl
Radhani Worship... Girl
Radharani Created|Created; Wife of Shiva... Girl
Radhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The... Unisex
Radhini Prosperous; Worship; Wealthy; ... Girl
Radhiyaa Content, Satisfied|Content; Qu... Unisex
Radhya Worshipped... Girl
Radia Pleasant; Satisfied; Content|S... Unisex
Radnya Daughter of King... Girl
Raekh Shape; Line; Limit; A variant ... Girl
Raeleah A ray of sunshine|Rays of Suns... Girl
Raeya A singer|Singer... Girl
Rafael God Has Healed|God heals, God ... Unisex
Rafat Elevation|Elevation; Elevating... Unisex
Raga Belongs to music terms; Melody... Girl
Ragachandrika Lord Krishna's Lover... Girl
Ragajanani Goddess Durga; Musical Related... Girl
Ragamalika -Not Available-... Girl
Ragamaya Full of Passion; Colour; Music... Unisex
Ragasudha -Not Available-... Girl

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with

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