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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with K with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Girl Names List

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with K

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with k with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Kaahini Youthful; Spirited; Young... Girl
Kaajal Kaajal name means Muscara, Sur... Unisex
Kaakalee Glow of Lamp... Girl
Kaakali A musical instrument; The melo... Girl
Kaalaka Dark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; An... Unisex
Kaalanjari Goddess Parvati|Parvati|The na... Unisex
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black as night... Girl
Kaali Goddess|Goddess Durga|Goddess ... Unisex
Kaalika Dark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfum... Girl
Kaalikaa Lustrous... Girl
Kaama Desired; Cherished; The golden... Girl
Kaamada Generous... Girl
Kaamakya Durga, Granter of Wishes|Durga... Unisex
Kaamana Desire... Girl
Kaamika Desired... Girl
Kaamil Accomplished; Complete; Perfec... Unisex
Kaamilee -Not Available-... Girl
Kaamini Desirable; Beautiful; Affectio... Girl
Kaamit Desired... Girl
Kaamita Desired... Girl
Kaamiya Beautiful; Capable... Girl
Kaamla Complete, Perfect|Kaamla means... Unisex
Kaamma Loveble... Girl
Kaamodi Exciting... Girl
Kaamuk Passionate; Desired; Sensual; ... Unisex
Kaamuna Desired... Girl
Kaamya Beautiful; Lovable; Assiduous;... Girl
Kaanan A garden; Forest; The mouth of... Unisex
Kaanchana Gold|Gold; Wealth... Girl
Kaanchi Brilliant; A pilgrimage centre... Girl
Kaandhal Attractive... Girl
Kaanta Beautiful; Ever-radiant... Girl
Kaanti Beauty; Desire; Splendour; Orn... Girl
Kaarkulali With Beautiful Black Hair... Girl
Kaarthika Son of Lord Shiva; Leader of D... Unisex
Kaartiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadash... Girl
Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Kaashi Derived from Sanskrit word Kas... Unisex
Kaashni Goddess Lakshmi; Special girl;... Girl
Kaashvi A shining man|Shining; Bright;... Girl
Kaashwi Shining; Bright; Glowing|Uniqu... Girl
Kaasni Flower|Flower; Special girl; G... Unisex
Kaasu -Not Available-... Girl
Kaatyaayanee Moon Light... Girl
Kaaveri Filled with water; Turmeric... Girl
Kaavi Cute... Girl
Kaaviya Heroine|Heroine,kaviya... Girl
Kaavya Kaavya means Poetry, Motion|Po... Girl
Kaavyanjali The offering of poetry... Girl
Kaaya Body; Elder sister... Girl
Kabani Name of a river... Girl
Kabeera A variant of name Kabira which... Unisex
Kaberi Full of Water|Kaberi means Ful... Girl
Kabita Kabita name means Poem|Poem|Po... Girl
Kabra Beautiful Tree|Hoary, Heinous,... Unisex
Kaca Brilliance; Beauty; Hair; Clou... Unisex
Kadalee Daughter of Moon... Girl
Kadali Banana Tree|The meaning of the... Girl
Kadamba Cloud; Orange Flower|Group|Kad... Unisex
Kadambaki Flower of kadamba... Girl
Kadambari Female cuckoo, Goddess Saraswa... Unisex
Kadambi An Indian Surname of Tamil Ori... Unisex
Kadambini A Sanskrit name meaning flower... Unisex
Kadanmbari Female cuckoo; Goddess Saraswa... Girl
Kadhiroli Brilliant Like The Ray of Sun;... Unisex
Kadia Pitcher|Rhyming variant of Kat... Unisex
Kahala Mischievous, a young woman... Girl
Kahali Kahali means Mischevious|Lord ... Unisex
Kahalin Flower|Flower; Blossom; Bloom;... Unisex
Kahar A water-drawer and carrier of ... Girl

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with

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