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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with F with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Girl Names List

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with F

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with f with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Faalgunee Day of Full Moon|The day of fu... Girl
Faalguni The day of the full Moon in th... Girl
Faatina Captivating|Captivating; Cleve... Girl
Fabian 'Twelfth Night', also called '... Unisex
Fadheela A woman who always wins|Virtue... Girl
Fadhiya A woman who looks gorgeous|Gor... Girl
Fagun A Hindu calendar month|Holy Mo... Unisex
Faguni Beautiful, Born in Falgun - A ... Girl
Fahamitha A perceptive young woman|Lynx... Girl
Faiza Arabic - Victorious; Winner; A... Unisex
Fajyaz Artistic... Girl
Falak A path of the galaxies|Break o... Unisex
Falgu A lovely Boy|Falgun Month|Love... Unisex
Falgun A Hindu calendar month|A Month... Unisex
Falguni Beautiful|Beautiful gem of a p... Unisex
Faloni In Charge... Girl
Falvi Lovable; Cute... Girl
Fanee Serpent... Girl
Faneendra Beautiful|king of serpent, shi... Unisex
Faneeshwar King of Serpents; Shiva... Girl
Fani Free|One who has freedom|Serpe... Unisex
Fanya Young Deer; Feminine of Franci... Girl
Fara Level Measure; Beautiful; Love... Girl
Farahan Cheerfully|One who is full of ... Unisex
Farahat Joy and happiness|Joys; Deligh... Unisex
Fareeda An unparalleled and unique wom... Girl
Fareena A kind, merciful and charming ... Girl
Farha A Girl who is happy|A happy wo... Unisex
Farhanaa Beautiful... Girl
Farhat A great feeling of joy|A life ... Unisex
Farhina A feeling of happiness and jy|... Girl
Faria A Caravan|A very kind and lovi... Girl
Farida One with no match|Turquoise|Tu... Unisex
Fariishta Angel|One who is well-mannered... Girl
Farohar Angel; Spirit|Conquest|Conques... Unisex
Farukh A happy person full of fortune... Unisex
Farzana A woman who has great knowledg... Girl
Fasika Happiness... Girl
Fatehjit One who is victorious in whate... Unisex
Fatema A victorious woman|Chaste; Mot... Girl
Faten A woman of great charm|Temptin... Girl
Fatima A captivating woman|Accustom; ... Girl
Fawiza A woman of big success|Success... Girl
Fazeela A faithful and virtuous woman|... Girl
Felicy Happiness... Girl
Fenal Angel of Beauty|Beautiful; Ang... Girl
Feni A sweet lady|Sweet... Girl
Fenna A feeling of peace|Scented Flo... Girl
Fenny A very smart woman|Smart... Girl
Feral Wild; Untamable|Wild; Untameab... Girl
Ferin The winds that come from the W... Unisex
Feshikha Princess... Girl
Filza Light|Light; Rose from Heaven|... Unisex
Fiona Blond; White; Pale or Fair; Pa... Unisex
Firaki Fragrance|Fragrance; Sweet and... Unisex
Firdaus Enclosure; Heaven; Paradise; G... Unisex
Firoja Kind Flower; Stone|Stone|The t... Girl
Firoza Successful, Turquoise, Gem sto... Girl
Firuz An unvanquished and successful... Unisex
Fiyanshi A Beautiful Angle... Girl
Fiyanshu Great Angel... Girl
Fiza Breeze|Breeze; Nature|Breeze; ... Unisex
Flavina -Not Available-... Girl
Florian A masculine modification of 'F... Unisex
Foolan Flowering|Flowering; Blooming;... Girl
Foolmala Garland... Girl
Foolwati Delicate As A Flower... Girl
Foram A fragrance or a pleasant arom... Girl
Forum Fragarance|Fragrance|Fragrance... Unisex
Frayashti Worship, Praise|Worship; Prais... Girl

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with

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