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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with C with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Girl Names List

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Beginning with C

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby girl names starting with c with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Cahana Desire, Affection... Girl
Cahaya Light|Light or radiance... Girl
Cahndravati Illuminated by moon... Girl
Caitali Sharp of Memory... Girl
Caitanya Consciouness; Intelligence; Sp... Unisex
Caitri Born in spring, As Beautiful... Girl
Caitya A woman who is genuine|Pertani... Unisex
Caityaka A Stupa; A Temple; Abode of Co... Unisex
Cakori Shining, Content... Girl
Cakranemi Felly of a wheel, Ring|The Per... Girl
Caksani Soothing to the eyes, Illumina... Girl
Cakshaya White Rose indicating simplici... Girl
Caksusi Preceptor, Seer... Girl
Cala A woman who is like a castle|C... Unisex
Calama Beauty; Pen|Ever moving goddes... Girl
Caleb 'A dog, a crow, a basket'|A fo... Unisex
Camaksi Goddess Name... Girl
Camdravati Lit by the moon, Brilliant... Girl
Cameli A Jasmine flower... Girl
Camerina -Not Available-... Girl
Cammy A Short Form of Camille|She is... Girl
Campakali A bud of the Campaka tree... Girl
Campesa A Lord of Anga town|Lord of a ... Unisex
Campika Little Champa flower... Girl
Camunda Slayer of Canda and Munda|The ... Girl
Camundi One who slayed the Chamunda de... Unisex
Canaka A bean sort, Chickpea|Chickpea... Unisex
Cancala Lover; Wind; Moves|Moves; Wind... Unisex
Cancu A snake's nest|Famous; Renowne... Unisex
Cand One who dazzles like bright an... Unisex
Candalika Goddess Durga... Girl
Candalini Glorious, A tantric goddess... Girl
Candamunda -Not Available-... Girl
Candana A cadid, sincere person|Dear t... Unisex
Candanayika A minor form of durga|Slayer o... Girl
Candani Moonlight, Fair... Girl
Candarupa Terriable in form, A godness... Girl
Candasa A woman of clarity|Moon Like... Unisex
Candavata -Not Available-... Girl
Candavati Slayer of canda... Girl
Candi Candy, Sweet, Prince of servan... Girl
Candika Fierce Goddess|Slayer of Canda... Girl
Candila Angry; Hot|Her glow is white|H... Unisex
Candogra -Not Available-... Girl
Candra Luminescent; Moon|She is of th... Unisex
Candradara River on the Moon... Girl
Candragauri As fair as he moon, extremely ... Girl
Candrakala Artwork Like Moon|The segment ... Girl
Candrakali As brilliant as the moon, Silv... Girl
Candrakanta A digit of the moon, Progressi... Girl
Candralekha A digit of the moon, A daughte... Girl
Candrali -Not Available-... Girl
Candrama moonbeam... Girl
Candramasi Like Moon... Girl
Candramati As beautiful as the moon|The w... Girl
Candramohan Attractive as the Moon|To be l... Unisex
Candramukhi As beautiful as moon... Girl
Candrani Consort of the Moon|Wife of th... Girl
Candraprabha A female gandharva|Moonlight... Girl
Candrasita An attendant of skanda|Moon Li... Girl
Candravali Moon like, A Yogini... Girl
Candri Moonlight, Fair... Girl
Candrika Moonlight, Fair... Girl
Candrila Lord Shiva; Possessing the Moo... Unisex
Candrima Light of the Moon|Moonlight... Girl
Canna Cane; Renowned|Renowned; Cane|... Unisex
Cannon A man who is a Churches offici... Unisex
Capala One who is swift as a lightnin... Unisex
Carana A beloved dear one|foot, suppo... Unisex
Carcika Name of a God|Repeating a word... Girl

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