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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with N with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names starting with n with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Beginning with N

Name Meaning Gender
Naabhak Belonging to the Sky... Boy
Naabhas Celestial, Appearing in the Sk... Boy
Naabhi An Ancient King; Centre of Bod... Unisex
Naadir A beloved or rare, a precious ... Boy
Naag A Big Serpent|Friend of God Sh... Boy
Naag-Raaj King of The Serpents|King of s... Boy
Naagadatha One of the Kauravas... Boy
Naagarjun An Ancient Philosopher|The sup... Boy
Naagchand Snake|The serpent, the serpent... Boy
Naagdhar Lord Shiva, One who wears a Co... Boy
Naagendra King of the Serpents|King of t... Boy
Naagesh God of Serpents; Sheshnaag|God... Boy
Naageswar Name of Lord Shiva... Boy
Naagpal Nagpal Saviour of Serpents|Sav... Boy
Naagpathi King of serpents... Boy
Naagpati King of Serpents; Vaasuki|King... Boy
Naagraaj King of serpents|King of the S... Boy
Naagraj It means the King of Serpents|... Boy
Naajy Free from danger or the threat... Boy
Naakaiah A virtuous, pure, a faithful p... Unisex
Naakesh Moon|Moon; The Lord of Heaven|... Boy
Naaksh Behaviour... Boy
Naal A well-known birth that is hig... Unisex
Naamahar He will be known by this speci... Boy
Naamanand A prominent person by virtue o... Boy
Naamdev Name of A Saint|a writer or a ... Boy
Naamgeet A name that is always remember... Boy
Naamliv Absorbed in Naam|Absorbed in N... Boy
Naanak First Sikh Guru|The Master or ... Boy
Naaraayan The Refuge of Man|The right pa... Boy
Naarad An Ancient Sage|The one who gi... Boy
Naarang Narang can be used as a surnam... Boy
Naarayan Lord Vishnu; Refuge of man... Boy
Naasih Adviser|Advisor|Advisor; A wel... Boy
Naathan Gift from God; Rewarded; Given... Boy
Naathim Adjuster; Arranger|Arranger, A... Boy
Naatya Dance|Dance; Love... Unisex
Naavah Beautiful|The person who has p... Unisex
Naavalan Orator; Well-versed In The Art... Boy
Naavinya New... Boy
Naayak The guide... Boy
Naayantara Star of Our Eyes|The shining s... Unisex
Naaz Delicacy; Pride|Glory, Pride, ... Unisex
Nabadip A new light... Boy
Nabah Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Nabajit A new winner or a new win... Boy
Nabanil A New Clear Blue Sky|A new, cl... Boy
Nabanipa A New Flower|Resembles very fr... Unisex
Nabarun Morning Sun|Person who born un... Boy
Nabendu New Moon|New Moon, A night aft... Boy
Nabh Blue space of sky|Sky|The Sky... Boy
Nabha Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Nabhan Alert|Alert, Noble, Outstandin... Boy
Nabhanyu Continuing forever or indefini... Boy
Nabhas Celestial; Appearing in the sk... Boy
Nabhasa Celestial|The person who is re... Boy
Nabhay Without Fear... Boy
Nabhayan Fearsome|The person who is clo... Boy
Nabhendu New Moon|The beautiful and pre... Boy
Nabhi Central|Central; An Ancient Ki... Unisex
Nabhij Lord Brahama|Lord Brahma|Lord ... Boy
Nabhinath Fearless... Boy
Nabhiraj Father of lord Rishabhdev|Lord... Boy
Nabhita Fearless... Unisex
Nabhith Fearless|The person who is obl... Boy
Nabhkanti Light of Sky|The person who re... Boy
Nabhoda one who has arisen from the sk... Boy
Nabhoj Born In Sky|The person who cam... Boy
Nabhomandal New Moon|The person who resemb... Boy
Nabhomani Jewel of The Sky ( Sun)|Jewel ... Boy
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