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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with I with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Boy Names List

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Beginning with I

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names starting with i with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Iaichik -Not Available-... Boy
Ibhan Lord Ganesh|Lord Ganesh, The G... Boy
Ibhana Selected... Boy
Ibhanan Elephant Faced|Elephant faced,... Boy
Ibhanana Lord Ganesha... Boy
Ibhapala -Not Available-... Boy
Ibhya Possessor of Many Attendants... Boy
Ibraheem A Prophet's Name|A Prophets na... Boy
Ibrahim A Prophets name|A variant of E... Boy
Ibtihaaj Earth|Joy|Joy, Delight... Unisex
Icchaka Granting Desires... Boy
Ichaa Desire|Wish... Unisex
Ichan Desire... Boy
Ichchha Desire|Desire Ambition... Unisex
Ida A nymph|A woman who is hardwor... Unisex
Idaa The Channel on the Left of the... Boy
Idabamurvan Krishna's Birth Place... Boy
Idai Awakening, love|Awakening; Lov... Unisex
Idaikaadan Water... Boy
Idaspati God of Rain (vishnu)|God of Ra... Boy
Iddham Shining; Brilliant; Sunshine... Boy
Idenya Praiseworthy|to be praiseworth... Unisex
Idha Insight|Intelligence; Percepti... Unisex
Idhant Bright and luminous|Luminous|L... Boy
Idhayan Joy of heart... Boy
Idhma Sacrificial Fuel|sacrificial f... Boy
Idhyah The name means 'praiseworthy' ... Boy
Iditri Complimentary|One Who Praises;... Unisex
Idris A Prophet's name|A Prophets Na... Unisex
Idum Nice; Warm|Red... Boy
Idumpan Cook... Boy
Ifran Identity... Boy
Iha Earth|Earth, Wish|The Earth... Unisex
Ihaan Leader|Leader; Pioneer; Mornin... Boy
Iham Expected|Expected; Thin; Desir... Boy
Ihit Honour; Prize|One who is honor... Boy
Ihita Desir; Goddess Durga; Fighter;... Unisex
Ihkas Honour; Respect|Respect; Honou... Boy
Ihsaan Beneficence|Kindness; Benefice... Boy
Ihsan Beneficence|Beneficence,charit... Unisex
Ihtesham Magnificent|Magnificiant|Respe... Boy
Iichan Most Loved... Boy
Iiesh Lord of Earth... Boy
Iirottinan -Not Available-... Boy
Iisan Ice... Boy
Iishaanah Supreme; Owner; The Master|The... Boy
Iishim -Not Available-... Boy
Ijay A name of Lord Vishnu|Lord Vis... Boy
Ijaya Sacrifice|Sacrifice; Offer; Te... Unisex
Ijya Deity; A Teacher; Worthy of Wo... Unisex
Ijyasila Intelligent... Boy
Ikansh Whole Universe... Boy
Ikesh Unique... Boy
Ikhtiar Authority, option, choice, con... Boy
Ikjeet God's Victory|It is a Sikh nam... Boy
Ikjot God's Light; The One Light|One... Unisex
Ikkhata Cutting|Sacrifice... Unisex
Ikram Esteem, Veneration, Respect|Ho... Unisex
Ikroop One beauteous form|Oneness wit... Unisex
Ikrut One Season... Boy
Iksana Sight... Boy
Iksavaku one who attracts desire, one w... Boy
Iksha Sight|Sight; Working of the se... Unisex
Ikshan Sight|Sight; Eye; Look; Care... Unisex
Ikshana Sight|Sight; Pretty... Unisex
Ikshin eyes... Boy
Ikshit Desired; Done with Intention|D... Boy
Ikshita Visible|Visible; Beheld... Unisex
Ikshu A Malayali word for sugarcane|... Unisex
Ikshula A Sacred river|Holy River... Unisex

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with

I Ia Ib Ic Id If Ih Ii Ij Ik Il Im In Ip
Iq Ir Is It Iv Iy Iz
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