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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with G with Meaning

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A to Z Hindu Baby Boy Names List

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Beginning with G

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names starting with g with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Gangavar Goddess Ganga's Boon|Goddess G... Boy
Gangesa King of the Ganges River|Lord ... Boy
Gangesh Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva, Lord of... Boy
Gangesha Lord Shiva, Lord of Ganga|Lord... Boy
Gangeswar Lord Shiva|The Lord of Ganga; ... Boy
Gangeva Lord Shiva|Lord of River Gange... Boy
Gangeya Of The Ganga|Son of River Gang... Boy
Gangeyan Lord Murugan|Lord Murugan; Son... Boy
Gangika One who is Pure; Sacred; Pious... Unisex
Gangodaka water of the ganga river... Boy
Gangol A Precious|A Precious Gem; Inv... Boy
Gangola A Precious Gem; Invaluable; Pr... Boy
Gangotri Glacier Where the Ganga Origin... Unisex
Ganhardin One who mesmerize the multitud... Boy
Ganika Flower|Flower; Bud of a Jasmin... Unisex
Ganikaa A Dancer|The one who is expert... Boy
Ganin One has Attendants|The Boy who... Boy
Ganisha Person of wisdom... Boy
Ganishth Deeply... Boy
Ganit Defender|Defender gavriel - ma... Unisex
Ganita Regarded|numbered, mathematics... Unisex
Ganith Armed group or flower park|Cal... Boy
Ganjam One who flourishes... Boy
Ganjan Exceding|Exceeding|Exceeding, ... Unisex
Ganjendra Lord Ganpati|Lord Ganpati; Hin... Boy
Ganji An analytical person... Boy
Gankappa A name given to the father of ... Boy
Ganmanya Distinguised, Honoured, Respec... Unisex
Gannaath An Epithet of Lord Shiva; One ... Boy
Gannath An Epithet of Lord Shiva|An Ep... Boy
Ganne Creative person... Boy
Gannon Fair skinned|Fair; Fair-skinne... Boy
Ganpat Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group o... Boy
Ganpati Ganpati|Ganpati, Lord Ganesh|L... Boy
Gantavya Destination... Boy
Ganvijay Excellence... Boy
Ganya Garden of the Lord; Notable; I... Unisex
Gaoushik Lord Buddha; A surname of Vish... Boy
Gaousik Lord Buddha|Lord Buddha; A pat... Boy
Garajan Thunder|Thunder; Bellow; Loud ... Boy
Garalakant Name of son of Lord Shiva; Esh... Boy
Garbha Embryo; Pregnancy; Womb|Name o... Boy
Garbhaka A Chaplet of Flowers Worn in H... Boy
Garg Name of A Saint|Name of a Sain... Boy
Garga Another name to Bharadwaj fami... Boy
Gargee Inspires to Think|Person who I... Unisex
Gargeya A descendant of Garga; From th... Boy
Gargi A vessel for holding water|An ... Unisex
Gargya Of the Family of Garga|One who... Boy
Garhapati One who Protect the House|One ... Boy
Gariana Latin - Charm, Grace; A deriva... Unisex
Garibnivaj One who Fosters the Poor|One w... Boy
Gariman Heaviness; Weighty; Profound|h... Boy
Garin A Form of Garry|Grace; Holines... Unisex
Garinder Lord... Unisex
Garishit Heaviest... Boy
Garisht Heaviest|Heaviest; Profound; D... Boy
Garistha Greatest; Heaviest|Heaviest; G... Boy
Garja Brave|Refers to bold and coura... Boy
Garjan Thunder|Thunder; Bellow; Loud ... Boy
Garlanka A surname from India... Boy
Garonman House of Heavenly Song... Boy
Garry Diminutive of Gareth: Gentle. ... Boy
Gartesa master of the cave... Boy
Garud A Large Mythical Bird; Falcon;... Boy
Garuda Eagle|King of Birds|King of bi... Unisex
Garudadwaj Lord Vishnu|One of many names ... Boy
Garudavahan Lord Vishnu|One of many names ... Boy
Garul Facilitator; One who carries t... Boy
Garula Carrier of the Great|The one w... Boy

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with

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