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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with D with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Boy Names List

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Beginning with D

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names starting with d with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Daakshi Golden; Son; Son of Daksh; The... Boy
Daakshit Lord Shiva... Boy
Daaman Rope; Taming; Self-controlled;... Boy
Daamodar A Name of Krishna|Lord Krishna... Boy
Daamodhura Lord Vishnu... Boy
Daanes Honour... Boy
Daanesh Wisdom, Learning, Science|know... Boy
Daanish Full of knowledge|Knowledge; W... Boy
Daanveera Charitable|Charitable; One who... Boy
Daarshik Perceiver|The one who perceive... Boy
Daaruk Charioteer of Krishna, Tree|Ch... Boy
Daarul -Not Available-... Boy
Daarun A strong man|Hard Male Hindu|P... Boy
Daasharathi Lord Rama, Son of Dasharatha... Boy
Daasu A powerful man|Powerfull... Boy
Daav Wild fire; Uncontrollable; Ano... Boy
Daayadeshwar Love of Eshwar... Boy
Dabang Brave|Brave personality... Boy
Dabeet Warrior|Warrior; Brave and Cou... Boy
Dabhit A Hermit Praised in the Vedas... Boy
Dabhiti Injurer|Injustice; getting rea... Boy
Dabir A brilliant teacher|Judge|Secr... Boy
Dabnshu Filled with love... Boy
Dadasaheb A honor... Boy
Dadheechi Divine Rishi|Divine Rishi; One... Boy
Dadhica Sprinkling Milk or Curd|Sprink... Boy
Dadhichi A Sage|Name of a Sage... Unisex
Dadhikra A Divine Horse who Personifies... Boy
Dadhinadi River of milk and curd... Unisex
Dadhyan A Hermit who was Taught by Ind... Boy
Dadich The Person who Donate Self Bon... Boy
Daeshim Great Mind|Greatest mind... Boy
Daevarshan offering made to the Gods... Boy
Daeven God|Little Black One... Boy
Daga Camel... Boy
Dagadu A Name of Rock... Boy
Dagan Corn or Grain|Grain|Grain Or C... Boy
Dagen Black haired|Black-haired|The ... Boy
Dagendra God of ways; Path... Boy
Daha Blazing, Very Bright|Blazing; ... Boy
Dahak Destroyer|Destroyer; One who i... Boy
Dahana A Rudra|Powerful rudra|Rudra... Unisex
Dahati one who burns, destroyer... Boy
Dahatr Strong|Strong; Powerful; Might... Boy
Dahi Curd; Beautiful|Lion, Rapid|Li... Unisex
Dahman Pious People|Pious People; Rel... Boy
Daibadin Creator of Religion... Boy
Daipayan Born on island|Who is Born in ... Boy
Daitari God Name... Boy
Daithyakulantaka Destroyer of demons... Boy
Daitya Sai Non Aryan... Boy
Daitya A Non Aryan|Non Aryan|Who is n... Boy
Daityahan Another Name for Shiva; Killer... Boy
Daityakarya Vidhyataka destroyer of all de... Boy
Daityari Enemy of Daityas; Lord Krishna... Boy
Daityas A non aryan... Boy
Daivagjna Astrologer; Fortune-teller; On... Boy
Daivansh From God's familiy|Of Divine O... Boy
Daivat A powerful individual|Luck|Luc... Unisex
Daivey Dearly Loved|The one who is de... Boy
Daivik By the grace of God|By the gra... Boy
Daivit God's gift... Boy
Daivya A divine being|Divine|Divine; ... Unisex
Daiwik By The Grace of God|By the gra... Boy
Daiyat The one who invites... Boy
Dajasi Child of Sephiroth... Boy
Dakornath Another name of Krishna|Name o... Boy
Daksa Competent|Father of Parvati|Ta... Unisex
Daksanila A Cold Southern Breeze; A Perf... Boy
Daksapati Lord of the Faculties|Lord who... Boy

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