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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with C with Meaning

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Boy Names List

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Beginning with C

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names starting with c with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Cabir Leader|Powerful|The Great... Boy
Cachari moving quickly... Boy
Cadrasva A Hindi name for Boys|Consciou... Boy
Caha Charming|Charming; Desirable|D... Boy
Caidya Administrator; Intelligent|An ... Boy
Cailra absorbed in pleasure, as pleas... Boy
Caitanya Consciouness; Intelligence; Sp... Unisex
Caitya A woman who is genuine|Pertani... Unisex
Caityaka A Stupa; A Temple; Abode of Co... Unisex
Caka A person who shines with conte... Boy
Cakaraka A content Boy... Boy
Cakarpala He is content... Boy
Cakora A shinning and content one|Con... Boy
Cakra A wheel or a circle. Also mean... Boy
Cakrabhrt Another name for Lord Vishnu|D... Boy
Cakrabhuj A disc holder|Holding a Disc; ... Boy
Cakradeva A Discus's King|King of the Di... Boy
Cakradhara A name of Lord Vishnu|Bearing ... Boy
Cakradrsa A Boy with round eyes|Round Ey... Boy
Cakraka circular... Boy
Cakraki Lord Vishnu; Possessing the Di... Boy
Cakrapani Discus Holder|Discus Holder; O... Boy
Cakrasamvara a buddha... Boy
Cakrasena A leader of the army|Commander... Boy
Cakravaka A round mouthed Boy|Has a Roun... Boy
Cakravala A Leader; Assemblage; Circle|A... Boy
Cakravana One who has the Cakra, also he... Boy
Cakravartin powerful, renowned, emperor... Boy
Cakravat An Emperor of the Discus|Emper... Boy
Cakravata A forceful man|Fierce; Forcefu... Boy
Cakresa He is the Lord of the Discus|L... Boy
Cakrika Disus Bearer|He who bears the ... Boy
Cakrin A man with a Discus|With a Dis... Boy
Caksana Appearance|Aspect|One who has ... Boy
Caksas Look; Sight; Radiance; A Teach... Boy
Caksu Eye|One with beautiful eyes... Boy
Caksus Eyes; Sun|He has the eyes of t... Boy
Caksusa One who is clairvoyant|Seer... Boy
Caksusya One who is very pleasing to lo... Boy
Cala A woman who is like a castle|C... Unisex
Calapati Lord of the Moving|One who is ... Boy
Caleb 'A dog, a crow, a basket'|A fo... Unisex
Camar Animal Hair; Rod with a Large ... Boy
Camaraja He leads the army|Leader of An... Boy
Camarsa One who is born to teach; a bo... Boy
Camarvala One with fine hair|With Hair a... Boy
Camas Circular; Resembles a Wheel|Re... Boy
Camasa Circular; Resembles a Wheel|Re... Boy
Camikara A golden Boy|Gold... Boy
Campa He is a soothing man|Soothing... Boy
Campaka A champaka tree|Champaka Tree... Boy
Campat Fallen from Glory|One who fell... Boy
Campesa A Lord of Anga town|Lord of a ... Unisex
Campeya A Kovidare tree's fruit|Fruit ... Boy
Campu An Elaborate and Literary Form... Boy
Camuhara receptacle and vessel... Boy
Camundi One who slayed the Chamunda de... Unisex
Canaka A bean sort, Chickpea|Chickpea... Unisex
Canakya One who is a great scholar|Son... Boy
Cancala Lover; Wind; Moves|Moves; Wind... Unisex
Cancu A snake's nest|Famous; Renowne... Unisex
Cand One who dazzles like bright an... Unisex
Canda Fierce; Passionate; Violent|He... Boy
Candabala Fiercely strong... Boy
Candaka Budha's charioteer|The Moon; P... Boy
Candana A cadid, sincere person|Dear t... Unisex
Candanin Anointed with Sandalwood; Lord... Boy
Candansu Another name for the Sun|Hot R... Boy
Candasa A woman of clarity|Moon Like... Unisex
Candavega Move with a Fierce Speed|One w... Boy

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with

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