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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindu Baby Boy Names List

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Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindu baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest hindi, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Pushpita Decorated With Flowers|Decorat... Unisex
Lataka A Sage|A Sage; Saint; Rishi|Bo... Unisex
Adhiraiyan Name of Lord Shiva in Tamil... Boy
Jayshanker Victory of Lord Shiva... Boy
Molik Valuable... Boy
Suryahast Ray of the Sun... Boy
Charudehi One of names of Son of Sri Lor... Boy
Jayasena A Victorious Army|A king of av... Boy
Esha Desire|Desire; Attractive|Godd... Unisex
Lepaksh A variant of name Lepakshi whi... Boy
Sarvadnya All God... Unisex
Chittamohan One who Attracts the Mind|One ... Boy
Asvatthi Name of a tree under which hor... Boy
Samudra Ocean|Ocean, Sea|Ocean,sea... Unisex
Adhiksita Lord; Ruler|One who is the hea... Boy
Udup Moon|Moon; Sun... Boy
Udanvata abounding in water, the ocean,... Boy
Surasundara Divine Beauty... Boy
Malya One who is like the sea of sor... Boy
Giridhar Lord Krishna, One who holds mo... Boy
Jagatprabhu God of The World|He is the Div... Boy
Ihkas Honour; Respect|Respect; Honou... Boy
Bhukhand A Piece of Earth|A Piece of Ea... Boy
Anaadih One who is the first cause... Boy
Pranidhi Precious; Spy|Spy|Spy; One who... Unisex
Hrdika Friendship|Friendship; Compani... Unisex
Chitranga Charming; Appealing; Attractiv... Boy
Prajeet Victorious|Victorious; Conquer... Boy
Smirit Remembered... Boy
Ujesh One Who Gives Light|One who gi... Boy
Mohanpal Protector of the Charming|The ... Boy
Kohid A Weapon|A surname of Indian O... Boy
Aryansh King of Arya; Long Life... Boy
Sukhpal Enjoy Full Life; Victory|Prote... Boy
Mukandray Lord Krishna... Boy
Nandkumar Joyful; Happy; Pleasure... Boy
Satyasahas Truly Courageous... Boy
Khaldun Eternal|Eternal; Implies Etern... Boy
Sarjan Creative; Creation... Boy
Sarvopagunavarjita Destroyer of all evil... Boy
Minanatha The Lord of fishes, the care-t... Unisex
Aagyey Unknown; meaning something une... Boy
Swapnamay Full of Dream... Boy
Gurminder Gurminder are materialistic an... Boy
Ponnarasan Handsome; Charming; Appealing;... Boy
Arthvana With a firm purpose|full of se... Boy
Bukkhazariah A name with immence power... Boy
Kalyaana Welfare; Happiness; Benefit; W... Boy
Sarovar Ocean... Boy
Shahul Forward... Boy
Devasree Divine Beauty|Goddess Lakshmi;... Unisex
Hirdaya Heart... Boy
Hanumantha Followers of Lord Rama|Rama's ... Boy
Deshad Country, nation; A variant of ... Boy
Gurmej Gurmej lives a stable and prop... Boy
Gamatee Fresh Smell|Happiness; Joyful;... Boy
Ulkesh Moon|The Moon... Boy
Alpha 'Firstborn.' The first letter ... Unisex
Ekanjeet God's Triumph|God's Triumph; V... Boy
Purav Chanting Voice From East At Su... Boy
Shyamantak A jewel of Lord Vishnu|Lord Kr... Boy
Chitrannam -Not Available-... Boy
Shreepushp Cloves... Boy
Yadved -Not Available-... Boy
Vivkta Distinguished; Clear; Pure|Pur... Boy
Asutosa A Boy who is pleased easily|Ea... Boy
Jhinook It means oyster or seashell. P... Boy
Jaelyn A Combination of Jae + Lynn|A ... Unisex
Dipak Lamp|Lampe; Kindle; Brilliance... Boy
Yogendra God of Yoga|God of Yoga (Lord ... Boy

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Baby Names

A Name is a term used for identification. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A Human name identifies, not necessarily uniquely like digital code but meaning important because its make you unique or its connect to your Country, Origin, Language, Ancestry, History, Society, Culture, Nation, Ethnicity, Religion and Race.

WebConte provide list of A to Z Baby Names with Significant Meaning, Numerology, Zodiac Sign (Rashi) and which are Unique, Cute, Modern, Latest, Popular, Cool, Trendy, Religious, Traditional Lovely, Ancient and Perfect Name for your Newborn Baby.

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