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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hindi Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Hindi Baby Girl Names List

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Hindi Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hindi baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest indian, hindu baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Nityashree With Eternal Beauty; Soul... Girl
Mounisha Goddess Parvati|Goddess Parvat... Girl
Poorbi A classical melody; From the e... Unisex
Nallamma Good Woman; Good Mother... Girl
Oli Courageous|Elf Army; Courageou... Unisex
Kranadasi The Sky and the Earth... Girl
Niramalaa Pure... Girl
Attiya Gift... Girl
Pushpakala Flower... Girl
Vedhasya Worship; Piety... Unisex
Parbarti One who is the daughter of the... Unisex
Jebisha Prayerful... Girl
Sannati Bending Down; Humility... Girl
Sahaswini Courageous... Girl
Geet Melody|Melody, Song|Song... Unisex
Salvador A savior|Savior|The Saviour... Unisex
Varaa A divine blessing, Another nam... Girl
Abdhija Born in Sea; Goddess Lakshmi|B... Girl
Gayana Singing|Singingg; Knowledge; S... Girl
Deepajothi A Lamp... Girl
Shwetambri Goddess Saraswati... Girl
Kalandhika Bestower of Art... Girl
Shivangi Beautiful|Beautiful; Part of G... Girl
Bijoya Victory... Girl
Ganakshi Desire Or Want|Desire; Want|Re... Girl
Deepanjali Offering By Lighting Lamps In ... Girl
Divyadevi Divine Goddess... Girl
Jayalakshmi Goddess of Victory|Goddess of ... Girl
Simarleen Absorbed in remembrance of god... Unisex
Damarava One who is all powerful... Unisex
Saraswathi Goddess Saraswati; Goddess of ... Girl
Riya A Form of Ria; Graceful; Diamo... Girl
Unma Joy... Unisex
Annapoorna Goddess Parvati; Generous With... Girl
Namankita Famous... Girl
Aumika From Devine Sound Aum... Girl
Tarnija Daughter of Sun|River Yamuna, ... Girl
Yogini A being endowed with magical p... Unisex
Aadrita Adorable|Lots of Love Gatherin... Unisex
Vedabha Obtained from Knowledge... Girl
Fareeda An unparalleled and unique wom... Girl
Shobika A girl who is brilliant and be... Unisex
Rooma Brahma's Daughter|Goddess Laks... Girl
Preetha Happy|Happy; Dear one; Another... Unisex
Chitrajyoti Wonderfully Glorious... Girl
Yami Beautiful; Light in Dark; Rest... Unisex
Rangat Colorful|Girl with colorful pe... Girl
Amshumala The Sun... Girl
Danish From Denmark|Intelligent|One w... Unisex
Rana A beautiful looking woman|Attr... Unisex
Alabhya Durlabh|Durlabhl; Unique; Inco... Unisex
Shalika Flute|Mayna... Girl
Chirayu An immortal; Long-lived person... Unisex
Rajag A Malay title, ruler|Universal... Unisex
Jayalalita Goddess Durga|Victorious Godde... Unisex
Shashikaanta Twilight... Girl
Nagashree Snake Goddess|Supernatural sna... Unisex
Zudora A laborer, hardworking woman|E... Girl
Premjot Light of Love|The Light of Lov... Unisex
Amani A name which means wishes, des... Unisex
Jothirani Young Maiden... Girl
Mouna A Silence, a desire to be sile... Girl
Petva Gold|One which is like gold an... Unisex
Minnat Grace, Kindness, Gift|Grace; K... Unisex
Seettal Cool... Girl
Ishq Love... Unisex
Gauranga Fair Complexioned; Golden Limb... Unisex
Kanyakumari Girl, Maiden, Daughter, Virgin... Girl
Rukmapura Lord Hanuman... Unisex
Suhasini Ever Smiling|Ever smiling; Smi... Unisex

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Baby Names

A Name is a term used for identification. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A Human name identifies, not necessarily uniquely like digital code but meaning important because its make you unique or its connect to your Country, Origin, Language, Ancestry, History, Society, Culture, Nation, Ethnicity, Religion and Race.

WebConte provide list of A to Z Baby Names with Significant Meaning, Numerology, Zodiac Sign (Rashi) and which are Unique, Cute, Modern, Latest, Popular, Cool, Trendy, Religious, Traditional Lovely, Ancient and Perfect Name for your Newborn Baby.

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