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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Hebrew Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Hebrew Baby Unisex Names List

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Hebrew Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute hebrew baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest israel, jewish, jews, israeli baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Rubin A Form of Reuben|An ability of... Unisex
Jone God is gracious|people with th... Unisex
Razi An agreeable woman|Satisfied, ... Unisex
Samy On hebrew it is considered as ... Unisex
Joop God Shall Add|God will add|the... Unisex
Noe A Form of Noah|Mist; misty rai... Unisex
Anika Army; front; head, face; splen... Unisex
Amita Friend; Truth; Boundless|Limit... Unisex
Addy A Familiar Form of Adam|Ardent... Unisex
Meka A Familiar Form of Michaela|Be... Unisex
Jarod Descendant|Descent|The beautif... Unisex
Jeannette A Form of Jean|Diminutive form... Unisex
Tarsus Boy who has wings|Winged, feat... Unisex
Aliz Happy|Happy, pleased, joyful|N... Unisex
Joka Gift From God|compassion, remi... Unisex
Roma Exalted, Lofty|Exalted; Goddes... Unisex
Janine A Form of Jane|From The Nameja... Unisex
Amit Boundless|Boundless; Without L... Unisex
Israel Contender With God|God Prevail... Unisex
Johnny A Familiar Form of John|A Hebr... Unisex
Noadiah God Assembles|Witness, or orna... Unisex
Jayna A Form of Jane|Bringer of vict... Unisex
Aviya A form of Abijah meaning 'Yahw... Unisex
Oz A brave and famous person who ... Unisex
Mikelle A Short Form of Michael, Micha... Unisex
Tal Dew|Dew from god|Dew of Heaven... Unisex
Beryl A Jewel|Crystal. A gemstone of... Unisex
Chesed A merciful individual|As a dev... Unisex
Efrat A fruitful place|Honored|Honor... Unisex
Jocelin Happy|Jocelin means Supplanter... Unisex
Jeramy A Form of Jeremy|God will upli... Unisex
Adar Exalted|High; Eminent; Fire; N... Unisex
Nahum Comfort|Comforter|Comforter,pe... Unisex
Jans God is Gracious|Slavic - God h... Unisex
Ronit Bright, Shining|Bright; Shinin... Unisex
Sarina A Familiar Form of Sarah, Zari... Unisex
Cal A devoted person|Bald; Abbrevi... Unisex
Nirel Calm|God's field|God's field n... Unisex
Jocelina Joyous|Medieval male name adop... Unisex
Thaddeus Courageous, Large hearted, Giv... Unisex
Jorah He has Reproached|Showing, cas... Unisex
Zaire River|a short form of Zara|fro... Unisex
Jaasau Doing; my doing|They will do|T... Unisex
Zami Helper, Supporter|Helper; Supp... Unisex
Zion A Sign|Highest point|Homeland,... Unisex
Makala Hebrew - Who is like God; A va... Unisex
Josh Emotion|God Is Salvation|God S... Unisex
Gabriela Female form of Gabriel meaning... Unisex
Tamera A Form of Tamara|Palm tree|Pal... Unisex
Jaila A Form of Jael|Hebrew - Mounta... Unisex
Imani A Short Form of Immanuel|Belie... Unisex
Yan Bulgarian form of Ioanne, mean... Unisex
Bart Aramaic - Son of Tolmai; Son o... Unisex
Shayne Beautiful|God is gracious|God ... Unisex
Noah Comfort|In Hebrew, it means 'r... Unisex
Hadas Alternate name form of Hadar m... Unisex
Michel Form of Michael 'Who is like G... Unisex
Abda A servant, servitude|Servant o... Unisex
Jody A Familiar Form of Joseph|Femi... Unisex
Sach Contentment|The Lord remembers... Unisex
Tamar A name that means date palm tr... Unisex
Zohra Blooming; Jupiter|Jupiter|Love... Unisex
Mahira A clever and adroit woman|A kn... Unisex
Hadar Glory of God|Glory, Splendor|G... Unisex
Elisheva God is my Oath|Hebrew name of ... Unisex
Royalty Word name... Unisex
Shannon Ancient; River of Wisdom; Old;... Unisex
Sol One who brings peace|Peace|Pea... Unisex
Moss A person belongs to the peat l... Unisex
Abida Father of knowledge|She Who Wo... Unisex

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