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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Gujarati Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Gujarati Baby Unisex Names List

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Gujarati Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute gujarati baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest gujarat, hindu, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Dhatri A Son of Vishnu/lakshmi|A Son ... Unisex
Tula Balance Scale, Zodiac Sign Lib... Unisex
Malina A calming, southing person|Cal... Unisex
Ketika Flower|Talented Girl|The name ... Unisex
Avantika A beautiful Queen of Ujjain|An... Unisex
Mandara Calm|Heaven; Paradise; Abode o... Unisex
Danila God Is My Judge|God Is The Jud... Unisex
Ninarika Misty|The God's Angel... Unisex
Jwalia Jwaila means Flames|Lord Shiva... Unisex
Sanobar A pine tree|Palm Tree|Palm Tre... Unisex
Surinder Mightiest of the Gods; The Chi... Unisex
Opal A Jewel or Precious Stone|A tr... Unisex
Chellamani Precious Gem|Precious Pampered... Unisex
Somya Beautiful; Mild; Faith; Smooth... Unisex
Kalash A Water Pot|Kalash name means ... Unisex
Diyaa Beautiful; Star; Lamp; Bright|... Unisex
Varija Lotus... Unisex
Avani Earth|Goddess Laxmi; Earth; Bo... Unisex
Ragi A loving person|Full of Love; ... Unisex
Ritika A joy that the truth brings|Jo... Unisex
Ilavenil Brilliant|Brilliant,spring, Yo... Unisex
Mitra A dear friend, one we chose to... Unisex
Renu Atom|Atom, Particle, Grain, Sa... Unisex
Maniratna Diamond|Diamond; Precious Ston... Unisex
Mahajabeen Beautiful... Unisex
Talleen Absorbed|Absorbed, making it a... Unisex
Kiruba Grace of God|Grace; Grace of G... Unisex
Hiranya A precious metal|A precious me... Unisex
Neeharika As Pure As Dew Drops|Collectio... Unisex
Gopa Cow-herder|Gautama's Wife|Gopa... Unisex
Indrani Consort of Lord Indra|Consort ... Unisex
Apoorva Exquisite|Exquisite, Rare|Extr... Unisex
Bill Derived From William; one who ... Unisex
Jaina A Form of Janae|Ganga River; T... Unisex
Abhineet Perfect|Perfect ; Absolute; Th... Unisex
Kamika Desired|Desired; Wished for|De... Unisex
Alia A Form of Aliya|An Old German ... Unisex
Akalmash Stainless|Stainless. Having bu... Unisex
Abhijat Conquest, Complete Victory|Con... Unisex
Sarbani Durga|Goddess Durga|Goddess Du... Unisex
Padmashri Divine Lotus|Divine Lotus; One... Unisex
Mallika A creeper plant; Jasmine|Femal... Unisex
Nityasri An eternal woman|Constant; Ete... Unisex
Sudeshna Good Gift|Queen; Wife of King ... Unisex
Ishani Consort of Lord Shiva, Close t... Unisex
Dina A valley which is filled with ... Unisex
Amarta Immortality|The ultimate immor... Unisex
Bhagwati Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; O... Unisex
Aabha Desired; Glow; Strength; Sun R... Unisex
Gajra A String of Flowers|Flowers|Ga... Unisex
Mahinder God of Gods|God of all Gods|On... Unisex
Vivatma Universal Soul... Unisex
Ravi A Hindu Sun God|Benevolent, Su... Unisex
Alak World, Beautiful tresses|World... Unisex
Ushma Eat|Heat|Heat; Warmth... Unisex
Lavenia A Roman Woman, name that was p... Unisex
Lohita Red ruby, Goddes Lakshni in th... Unisex
Anamitra Bright and beautiful like the ... Unisex
Aska A gracious God who has shown f... Unisex
Surya Lord Surya (Sun)|Referring to ... Unisex
Panna Emerald|Emerald, Jewel|Name of... Unisex
Tanul One who expands or makes progr... Unisex
Abhavya Improper; Fear-causing|Signifi... Unisex
Kshama Forgiveness|Forgiveness, Mercy... Unisex
Payas It means water; flexible and v... Unisex
Barkha 1. Rain. 2. Moistens; soothes;... Unisex
Chandrakin A Peacock|A beautiful Peahen|P... Unisex
Prakalpa A plan, program, a project|Pro... Unisex
Kantha Beautiful; Ever-radiant|Name o... Unisex
Kartar Creative Like God|Creative lik... Unisex

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