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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Gujarati Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Gujarati Baby Girl Names List

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Gujarati Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute gujarati baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest gujarat, hindu, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Deepanwita Diwali|Lights of diwali|Lit By... Girl
Thenral Breeze; Inspiring,thendral|Coo... Girl
Batool A True Devotee Woman of Allah|... Girl
Charitrya History|History; Personality... Girl
Prajna Goddess Saraswati|Goddess Sara... Unisex
Manita Conversation with GOD|Honoured... Unisex
Jyotsna Goddess Durga; Moonlight; Lust... Unisex
Devangana Celestial Maiden... Girl
Nishkala Pure; Name of Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Girisha Goddess Parvati|Goddess Parvat... Unisex
Nazima Organiser|Poetess, Song|Song... Girl
Haima An avatar of Goddess Parvati|G... Unisex
Naimitraa Lord Shiva... Girl
Mala A Garland|A rosary or a gland ... Unisex
Eashwari A name of Goddess Parvati|Godd... Girl
Anumita Love And Kindness|Love and kin... Unisex
Hatisha Happy|One who has no desire; W... Girl
Maargali Name of An Auspicious Month|Na... Girl
Godavari A River In India|A Sacred Rive... Unisex
Ramaa Goddess Lakshmi|Pleaser of the... Unisex
Abhavya Improper; Fear-causing|Signifi... Unisex
Paru Master, furnished|Master; Furn... Girl
Seri Closeness, fullness|Slender an... Unisex
Swecchha Freedom... Girl
Reema A woman who is like a white an... Unisex
Buthayna A gorgeous and tender body f a... Girl
Priyanvada One Who Speaks Nicely... Unisex
Aashna Beloved, Cherished|Beloved, De... Girl
Kshipva Elasticized|The name means The... Unisex
Vasavi Daughter of the all pervading|... Unisex
Kamlesh God of Lotus|Goddess of Lutus|... Unisex
Vishita Twilight... Girl
Devani Shining Celestial Goddess|Shin... Girl
Kshamya Earth|Pardon|The name Kshamya ... Unisex
Shabalini A Mossy|Mossy... Girl
Vrinda Basil, Goddess Radha, Tulsi|Ba... Girl
Sashi Moon|The Moon... Unisex
Pooja An act of worship|Divine Ritua... Girl
Ajita A Winner|Invincible, A winner,... Unisex
Udantika Great; Satisfaction|Satiety|Sa... Girl
Oviyam Beautiful Art... Girl
Deepsikha Light of Ray; Flame... Girl
Ambu Sanskrit name meaning water|Wa... Unisex
Mia Always Smiling; Beauty; Belove... Unisex
Adhipa King, Ruler|King; Ruler|King; ... Unisex
Kadambini A Sanskrit name meaning flower... Unisex
Farukh A happy person full of fortune... Unisex
Salila A girl who carries water|Water... Girl
Gandhini A fragrant|Fragrant... Girl
Apoorva Exquisite|Exquisite, Rare|Extr... Unisex
Kirthi Eternal Flame|Eternal fame|Fam... Unisex
Mandip A light of sages|Light of Sage... Unisex
Nagashree Snake Goddess|Supernatural sna... Unisex
Shreeti Prayer... Girl
Savitri A Form of The Devi|A River; Go... Girl
Aarth Life; Glimpse; Love; God; Hope... Unisex
Zallary Mermaid... Girl
Bhavu Emotion... Girl
Niramayee One who is wholesome, fresh, u... Unisex
Jayne A Form of Jane|Gift from God; ... Girl
Koundinya Name of a Sage|Sage|The name m... Unisex
Sriti Memory... Girl
Jamuna A Holy River In India|Holy Riv... Girl
Sarisha Charming... Girl
Kshirja Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Lakshm... Unisex
Prisa God Gift... Girl
Kunjana Forest Girl|Forest girl; Livin... Unisex
Zaida Abundance; Fortunate; Proserou... Girl
Vamdevi Goddess Durga, Savitri|Goddess... Girl
Bhagyaa Fortune; Luck... Girl

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