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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Gujarati Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Gujarati Baby Boy Names List

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Gujarati Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute gujarati baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest gujarat, hindu, indian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Tejshri Beauty of the lustre|Divine po... Unisex
Akil A Form of Achilles|From the Ak... Boy
Jagjivan Life of the World; Worldly Lif... Boy
Gopaal Lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protect... Boy
Vilokan Gaze... Boy
Rohtak Lord Surya (Sun)|Lord Surya (S... Boy
Hiranya A precious metal|A precious me... Unisex
Deenabandhav One who cares the downtrodden|... Boy
Jalpa A Gujarati name meaning discus... Unisex
Ochchav Festival - Utsav; The Lord... Boy
Pallavini Bud; Creeper in full bloom; Ne... Unisex
Agriya First|First Best|First Best; o... Unisex
Nideeshwaram Announcer of fortune things|Gi... Boy
Parvesh Lord of Celebration... Boy
Subinay Humble... Boy
Thooyavan Flawless; Pure|Pure, Flawless|... Boy
Krishiv A combination of Lord Shri Kri... Boy
Dhrushn -Not Available-... Boy
Nimish Inside viewer; Spilt second; T... Boy
Roshan A Form of Roshean|Bright|Brigh... Unisex
Firdaus Enclosure; Heaven; Paradise; G... Unisex
Abhra Bearing Water; Clouds; Sky|Clo... Unisex
Salarjung A leader in a war|Army Leader ... Boy
Sudip Bright|Bright; Good Looking|Ve... Boy
Suneel A Gem. Deep Blue. Scented Cool... Boy
Rudrax A Name of Lord Shiva; Part of ... Boy
Modal Enjoyment|Enjoyment; Fun; Plea... Boy
Meghraj King of Clouds|King of clouds,... Boy
Chandraraj King of the Moon|Moon Light|Mo... Boy
Nivrutti Separation From World|The sepa... Unisex
Prashu Speedy; Quick Action|Very quic... Unisex
Bodhi A Boy who is awaken and enight... Unisex
Pavani Goddess Ganga|Hanuman|Honey; L... Unisex
Ella Abbreviation of Eleanor and El... Unisex
Uddhar Liberation|One who is free, an... Boy
Bimbisaar King of Gupta dynasty|King of ... Boy
Mrigank Moon|Moon; Beautiful, Calm and... Boy
Bhaven Existing; Touching; Gladiator;... Boy
Rashmil Silken... Boy
Katherine Katherine is a Greek name and ... Unisex
Srihan Lord Vishnu; Handsome... Boy
Chintana Intelligent and thoughtful|Med... Unisex
Jaisudha Nectar of Victory|Nectar of Vi... Unisex
Induleksh Moon|The Moon... Unisex
Shaant Peace And Calm... Boy
Raamaanuj Younger Brother of Rama|Younge... Boy
Chirayu An immortal; Long-lived person... Unisex
Iyyappan God Iyyappan; Youthful|Lord Ay... Boy
Karmjit The meaning of the name is Win... Boy
Amita Friend; Truth; Boundless|Limit... Unisex
Devitri Name of Goddess... Boy
Guruttam Greatest teacher|The Greatest ... Boy
Jaldev God of Water|God of Water (lor... Boy
Mardav Softness|Softness, Simple|Soft... Boy
Chhandak Charioteer of lord Buddha|The ... Boy
Satwaik Divine; Innocent; Polite; Hone... Boy
Aadi Adornment; Beginning; Perfect;... Boy
Dayamay A merciful person|Full of Merc... Boy
Jagdeep All the lights of the universe... Unisex
Elavarasi A wise counsellor|Princess,you... Unisex
Tusharsuvra White As Snow... Boy
Prafula Blooming, Playful, Pleasant, C... Unisex
Thirugnanam A wise; Knowledgeable; Attaine... Boy
Karma A Star|Action or Activity|Acti... Unisex
Riju Helpful; Pleasing; Innocent|In... Unisex
Shorya Brave|Brave; Glory; Pride; Win... Boy
Nripendra King of Kings|King of kings, E... Boy
Naanak First Sikh Guru|The Master or ... Boy
Milesh -Not Available-... Boy
Maharath A Great Charioteer|A high char... Boy

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