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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Greek Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute greek baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest greece, cypriot, christian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Greek Baby Unisex Names List

Greek Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Magdalena From the High Tower|Of Magdala... Unisex
Kasin Appearing Like a Conqueror; Sh... Unisex
Xandy From Alexander Or Alexandra|de... Unisex
Pontus Old Greek - Sea; Ocean|Old Gre... Unisex
Vanna Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterf... Unisex
Nika Belongs to god|Bringer of Vict... Unisex
Andreas Form of Andrew; creative, outg... Unisex
Karessa A Form of Caressa|Karessa mean... Unisex
Zelotes Zealous... Unisex
Alyosha A noble defender of mankind, t... Unisex
Staci Resurrection... Unisex
Troy Curly haired|Foot Soldier|From... Unisex
Ollie A Familiar Form of Oliver|Dimi... Unisex
Pasha A Bond|Bond|Bond, Net, Snare... Unisex
Nikky Cute and beautiful|People's Vi... Unisex
Katti A Magical Sword|An Indian Surn... Unisex
Daryn Gift|Great|Great person... Unisex
Jacinth Hyacinth flower|Jacinth is der... Unisex
Margareta A pearly one|Pearl|Variant of ... Unisex
Alexandria A helper and defender of manki... Unisex
Selene Moon|Moon goddess|Of the moon... Unisex
Lucia Bringer of Light|Bringer of Li... Unisex
Demetria Earth Mother|Earth lover|Of De... Unisex
Christen Christian|Follower of Christ|O... Unisex
Page 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A... Unisex
Tracey Brave|Harvester|One who is war... Unisex
Alexandra A feminine form of Alexander m... Unisex
Nicolette Feminine form of Nicholas: Peo... Unisex
Ceres Another name for Demeter|Godde... Unisex
Lyric A beautiful song|Expression of... Unisex
Dionne Divine|Divine, The Goddess|Fem... Unisex
Ophelia Help|Helper|Helper; Serpentine... Unisex
Steven Crown|Crowned One|Variant Form... Unisex
Jules Descended from Jupiter (Jove),... Unisex
Sinon A breast-plate, deliverance|Co... Unisex
Cyrene A wall, coldness, the floor. [... Unisex
Nikkos The winner among humans|Victor... Unisex
Peggy A precious pearl; loyal and se... Unisex
Tracy From Thracia. Surname dating f... Unisex
Talia Birthday. A Short Form of Nata... Unisex
Miles A short form of Michael, the n... Unisex
Karen Abbreviation of Katherine. Pur... Unisex
Erasma a highly loved or beloved indi... Unisex
Cynthia Beautiful Moon Goddess|From ky... Unisex
Trinity A Triad, Three, Triple|The Fat... Unisex
Arethusa Daughter of Poseidon|Name of a... Unisex
Sonja Boy|Variant of Sophia: Wisdom;... Unisex
Cassiel God's speed|Speedy one of God|... Unisex
Sergio An attendant, a servant|Attend... Unisex
Lethe River of oblivion... Unisex
George 'Henry VI, Part 2' George Bevi... Unisex
Hellen Greek|Sun|Torch, Moon, Moon el... Unisex
Baucis Name of Dionysus|Wife of Phile... Unisex
Akili A Form of Achilles|Bright. Sma... Unisex
Ebony A dark beauty|A person who is ... Unisex
Astley Starry Field|star... Unisex
Pluto One who has great wealth|Roman... Unisex
Sidney From Saint-Denis (place name).... Unisex
Agoran A gathering place. It was a ce... Unisex
Julius 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar'... Unisex
Caitlyn Girl, Pure|Pure|She is a woman... Unisex
Christobel Beautiful follower of christ|C... Unisex
Marjorie Old Greek - Pearl; A variation... Unisex
Constantine One who is steadfast, firm din... Unisex
Damion One who tames|To Tame, To Subd... Unisex
Angie An angelic beauty with one of ... Unisex
Cyd A Public Hill|Public Hill|Vari... Unisex
Arian A Form of Arion|Aryan nation|G... Unisex
Gaelan A person who has firm mind|Tra... Unisex
Dimitris Earth lover|The Goddess of har... Unisex
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