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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Greek Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute greek baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest greece, cypriot, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Greek Baby Girl Names List

Greek Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Cassia An empty, vain woman|Cassia, C... Girl
Helike From Helicon... Girl
Kasma Universal... Girl
Natassia Born at Christmas|The one who ... Girl
Darrian A gift|Gift. Also a variant of... Unisex
Veronike Belgian version of Veronica, m... Girl
Cathleen A lady who is pure and innocen... Unisex
Kinetikos Active... Girl
Jacinta A woman with hyacinth color ey... Girl
Tryphaina Delicate, Soft... Girl
Cynthia Beautiful Moon Goddess|From ky... Unisex
Iantha Violet Flower... Girl
Agna Chaste, Holy|Pure... Girl
Acnes Chaste... Girl
Tienette crowned with laurel... Girl
Christie Christian|Christianity; follow... Unisex
Hygeia Goddess of health... Girl
Sapphira Beautiful|Sapphire gemstone|Th... Girl
Phylo Friend|Handmaiden of Helen... Unisex
Dorkas Gazelle... Girl
Pip Diminutive of Philip: Lover of... Unisex
Elene Greek helen; the bright one|Li... Girl
Aigle Light, Radiance... Girl
Amphitrite A sea goddess|Aunt of Achilles... Girl
Martha Lady|Lady, Mistress|Latin - De... Unisex
Dione A Form of Dion|Divine, The God... Unisex
Adonia Attractive|Beautiful Lady|Beau... Unisex
Andrianne Feminine of Andrew|Manly. Brav... Girl
Lykaios Wolfish, of A Wolf, Wolf-like... Unisex
Evangelyn Brings good news... Girl
Tiffinee The appearance of Supernatural... Girl
Tryna Innocent|Means number three or... Girl
Margery A Form of Margaret|One who is ... Girl
Moira Beloved|Bitter|Exceptional... Girl
Adonis A handsome young man loved by ... Unisex
Amantha Greek - A Flower Name; A varia... Girl
Stacey Diminutive of Anastasia: resur... Unisex
Chara A man who loves freedom and ad... Unisex
Narcisse A process of becoming larger o... Unisex
Gelasia predisposed to laughter... Girl
Neina A city by the stream... Girl
Orianthe The one who is courageous with... Girl
Anya Favor, Grace|Grace|Gracious... Girl
Penthia Born fifth... Girl
Larissa A safe protected place, like a... Girl
Alyosha A noble defender of mankind, t... Unisex
Leonore 'Shining light.' Variant of El... Unisex
Karan A Warrior|A warrior, Instrumen... Unisex
Nicolette Feminine form of Nicholas: Peo... Unisex
Chrystal Crystal|Crystal, Ice|Crystal; ... Unisex
Lilika Latin name for flower lily|Lil... Girl
Pat A regal and noble individual|A... Unisex
Lenci Light|The one whose light shin... Girl
Terriana A Combination of Teri + Anna|I... Girl
Corella A maiden; a young, beautiful w... Girl
Jacintha Beautiful|Hyacinth flower|She ... Girl
Ino Daughter of Cadmus... Girl
Lia A weary mistress or ruler|An a... Unisex
Euphrosyne Joy, Mirth|joy|mirth or merrim... Girl
Ptolema Aggressive, Warlike... Girl
Karessa A Form of Caressa|Karessa mean... Unisex
Stefanie Crown|Feminine form of Stephen... Unisex
Clianthe Glory... Girl
Ione Amethyst. Violet|Beach strand|... Girl
Xantha Blond... Girl
Theore Watcher... Girl
Maia Close To God|Daughter d Atlas|... Girl
Orphillia Ole who help or a serpentine... Girl
Nerin a nereid, one from the sea... Girl
Helia Of the sun|Sun|The Sun... Girl
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