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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Greek Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute greek baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest greece, cypriot, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Greek Baby Boy Names List

Greek Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Dhimitrios Of Demeter... Boy
Stephon A Form of Stephen|Crown|Crown;... Unisex
Jonas Dove|Dove. Variant of Hebrew J... Boy
Arcas In Greek mythology, Arcas was ... Boy
Nick A Short Form of Dominic, Nicho... Boy
Korudon Helmeted|Helmeted One... Boy
Dolius A shepherd... Boy
Melampus Seer... Boy
Prometheus Foresight|Forethought|Gave fir... Boy
Aleksandru Norman form of Alexander. It m... Boy
Zenobio strength of Jupiter... Boy
Tulumeu Sicilian form of Ptolemaios. I... Boy
Nickalaus A Form of Nicholas... Boy
Collins Abbreviation of Nicholas 'peop... Boy
Arsen Greek - Virile; A variation of... Boy
Petrelis Rock... Boy
Antinous One of Penelope's suitors... Boy
Krzysztofr Christian... Boy
Panayiotis A Form of Peter|All Holy|Panay... Boy
Iosif God will multiply, God will ad... Boy
Dymas father of hecate... Boy
Kephalos Head... Boy
Xenxo Protector of The Family... Boy
Amon Egyptian - The Hidden One; It ... Boy
Gaylon A Form of Galen|Calm, Tranquil... Boy
Darin From Araines|Gift|God's gift... Unisex
Hermolaos People of Hermes|The people of... Boy
Ammon A people; the son of my people... Boy
Phoebe A bright and pure individual; ... Unisex
Pachim One who is fat... Boy
Konstantinos A Form of Constantine|Konstant... Boy
Polo A wanderer who is brave|alliga... Boy
Pasha A Bond|Bond|Bond, Net, Snare... Unisex
Kester A Form of Christopher|Christ B... Boy
Sandey Diminutive of Alexander: Defen... Boy
Vanko God's gift|Gracious gift... Boy
Nomiki Relating to the law, Legal... Boy
Egidio A shield bearer; name of a bra... Boy
Antidio One Who Radiates God In His Ac... Boy
Pelagia A dweller of the sea; efficien... Unisex
Petros A name meaning one who is like... Boy
Caralampio To Shine With Happiness... Boy
Panteno He Who Is Worthy of All Ptaise... Boy
Janus God of beginnings|God of gatew... Unisex
Philo 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend... Boy
Gerasimo Award, Recompense... Boy
Alddes Descended from Alcaeus... Boy
Grigorov Vigilant... Boy
Fidias Unhurried,calm... Boy
Khristopher A Form of Kristopher|Form of C... Boy
Amycus Friendly. Son of Poseidon in G... Boy
Heamon Son of Creon... Boy
Copres Gentile From Atenas... Boy
Damara An educated woman|Gentle Girl;... Unisex
Kieffer A Form of Keifer|One who makes... Boy
Apfiano A Form of Apfias... Boy
Laocoon Son of Priam... Boy
Lazarus A form of Eliazar meaning God ... Boy
Pietro A Stone Or Rock. Also See Ferr... Boy
Stella A Familiar Form of Estelle|Cro... Unisex
Alexi Defender of Mankind|Diminutive... Unisex
Jaycee A Form of Jacey|Based on the i... Unisex
Dard Pain|Son of Zeu|Son of Zeus... Boy
Lason Healer... Boy
Kristoff A Form of Kristopher|Form of C... Boy
Nikos Abbreviation of Nicholas. Myth... Boy
Phokas Seal (the mammal)... Boy
Colin A Short Form of Nicholas|A var... Unisex
Haides Unseen... Boy
Alessandre Variant of Alexander: Defender... Boy
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