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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest German Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute german baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest germany, christian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z German Baby Unisex Names List

German Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Benedikte Benedikte is a variant of the ... Unisex
Margo Nice Girl with Big Eyes|One wi... Unisex
Adalia Drawn up of God|Just, Noble On... Unisex
Lindsay A Form of Lindsey|A person who... Unisex
Romy A Familiar Form of Romaine|A F... Unisex
Milo A merciful soldier|Destroyer|F... Unisex
Bel Beautiful|Beautiful, loving, l... Unisex
Isana Guardian of the North East; Ru... Unisex
Ida A nymph|A woman who is hardwor... Unisex
Geraldine Mighty with a Spear; Spear Rul... Unisex
Armand A soldier|Army man; soldier. F... Unisex
Eldridge A Form of Aldrich|A sage like ... Unisex
Lise Abbreviation of Elisabeth. 'My... Unisex
Uta Man who prospers in battles|Po... Unisex
Kort Bold|Bold Counsel|Form of Cort... Unisex
Ricki A Familiar Form of Erica, Rica... Unisex
Gert Diminutive of Gertrude: From t... Unisex
Robbie A familiar form of robert|Abbr... Unisex
Anna Grain which in a mystical sens... Unisex
Dustin A fighter. Famous bearer: Amer... Unisex
Fritzi Nickname for Frederica. Peacef... Unisex
Robby A familiar form of robert|Abbr... Unisex
Richenda A strong and hard ruler|Femini... Unisex
Greta A Pearl|Pearl|Pearl, Great, We... Unisex
Adelis An honourable aristocrat|Noble... Unisex
Carol A feminine form of Charles mea... Unisex
Aurel Golden|Golden Angel|Golden Hai... Unisex
Ricardo A King known for his might and... Unisex
Lukas A man from lucania|Bringer of ... Unisex
Rae A Short Form of Rachel|A wise ... Unisex
Lynda A Form of Linda|A beautiful sn... Unisex
Arne Diminutive of Arnold: The eagl... Unisex
Willie Diminutive of William: Will-he... Unisex
Archie A familiar form of archer|A po... Unisex
Saxon Dagger; short sword. In the 5t... Unisex
Viveka Little Woman; Brain; Capacity ... Unisex
Didi Divine, Heavenly, Beautiful|Sh... Unisex
Fiona Blond; White; Pale or Fair; Pa... Unisex
Derrick A gifted ruler. A person with ... Unisex
Emerson Brave; powerful|Emery's son|Em... Unisex
Karli 'Womanly; strength.' Feminine ... Unisex
Roberto Bright Fame|Bright with Fame, ... Unisex
Edlin A rich friend; popular and fri... Unisex
Lindy A woman with pretty features, ... Unisex
Stephan Crown|Crown, Wreath|Crown; wre... Unisex
Markel Of Mars; the god of war|Of mar... Unisex
Derek First of the people, King of n... Unisex
Yves Archer|Variant of Ivo: Yew. In... Unisex
Dietlinde Of the soft people... Unisex
Ivonne A Form of Yvonne|Variant of Yv... Unisex
Kurt A Turkish name that means 'wol... Unisex
Leon A Short Form of Leonard|A vari... Unisex
Rosalinda A woman pretty as a rose|Beaut... Unisex
Engel Angel|Angle|German word for an... Unisex
Rand Bay Laurel|Germanic - Strong D... Unisex
Elsie God Is My Oath|God is my oath,... Unisex
Edsel Noble and bright natured perso... Unisex
Valda Lord Ganesh|Power, Rule|Power;... Unisex
Englbehrt Bright angel|a bright angel... Unisex
Koen An honest advisor|Bold Counsel... Unisex
Farren Adventurous|An Old French surn... Unisex
Rozlyn One who has the face as pretty... Unisex
Willis Resolute Protector|Resolute pr... Unisex
Bertie A Familiar Form of Bert|A dimi... Unisex
Hen Diminutive of Henry: Home or H... Unisex
Ella Abbreviation of Eleanor and El... Unisex
Ali Bee|Elevated, High Status|Elev... Unisex
Beat Blessed|Diminutive of Beatrice... Unisex
Faron A Form of Faren|An Old French ... Unisex
Sterling Little star|Of high quality, P... Unisex
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