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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest German Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute german baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest germany, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z German Baby Girl Names List

German Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Aurel Golden|Golden Angel|Golden Hai... Unisex
Lukas A man from lucania|Bringer of ... Unisex
Kriemhild Battle mask... Girl
Minne Love|The one who is a protecto... Girl
Lamarr Famous land|From the french wo... Unisex
Gerda Beloved warrior|Enclosure, Str... Girl
Romilde Glorious battle maiden... Girl
Odette A Home-lover|A lion in a form ... Girl
Gundula War... Girl
Adelheide Germanic - Noble; Honorable; o... Girl
Em Nickname for names beginning w... Girl
Ailis God is my oath|Noble|Sweet... Girl
Isold Fair Lady|Ice rule|Rule of ice... Girl
Engelbertha Bright angel|bright as an ange... Girl
Herman A soldier|Army Man|Army Man; H... Unisex
Isa A Form of Isaiah|A Prophets na... Unisex
Valborga Protecting ruler... Girl
Anna Grain which in a mystical sens... Unisex
Odiana Elfin spear|Wealthy... Girl
Wenda Comely|Friend|Signifies fair... Unisex
Velda Power, Rule|Variant of Valda: ... Girl
Fiona Blond; White; Pale or Fair; Pa... Unisex
Hida Boastful; Name of Ganapati|Nam... Unisex
Carol A feminine form of Charles mea... Unisex
Adrien A form of adrienne|Aformofadri... Unisex
Stanze One who is a steadfast woman... Girl
Farren Adventurous|An Old French surn... Unisex
Richenda A strong and hard ruler|Femini... Unisex
Ali Bee|Elevated, High Status|Elev... Unisex
Otka Fortunate heroine|Fortunate, H... Girl
Wibeke Fight, battle or war|War... Girl
Ermengild immense treasure... Unisex
Cramer Delightful; Exultation; Triump... Unisex
Rozalia Germanic - Horse Shield of Lim... Girl
Alvy Elf friend|Elfin|Intelligent o... Unisex
Alonzo An inspirational dashing noble... Unisex
Rilla Brook|Germanic - Small Brook; ... Girl
Adelyte Has good humor|The kind and no... Girl
Berit Glorious|Glorious, Intelligent... Girl
Bracken Fern... Unisex
Isane Strong willed... Girl
Conrad Bo!d speech|Bold Counsel|Brave... Unisex
Mathilda Germanic - Mighty in battle; M... Girl
Ordalf Elfin spear... Girl
Ulva She wolf... Girl
Luete Of the people... Girl
Odile A person who follows the right... Girl
Serrilda A maiden in battle who has arm... Girl
Rudella Famous|Famous Wolf... Girl
Genivee Of the race of women|White Wav... Girl
Claramond Bright protector... Girl
Odiane Elfin spear|Wealthy... Girl
Sigfrieda Her victories brough peace and... Girl
Holde Beloved|Hidden... Girl
Edlin A rich friend; popular and fri... Unisex
Allaryce Germanic - Noble Ruler; Ruler ... Girl
Otthilde Fortunate heroine|Fortunate, H... Girl
Emmery Home strength/ruler|Variant of... Unisex
Rico A Form of Enrico|A ruler known... Unisex
Nordica from the north... Girl
Kathe German form of Katherine|Pure... Girl
Roch Glory|He who seeks and finds g... Unisex
Adolfo Noble Wolf|Variant of Adolph: ... Unisex
Waltraud Foreign Strength|Rule strength... Girl
Emily Eager|Emily|Feminine form of E... Girl
Hide Excellent|From the hide|Warrio... Unisex
Jakobie Feminine form of Jakoh|May the... Girl
Romhilde Glorious battle maiden... Girl
Felisberta An intelligent and wise woman|... Girl
Dedrick A gifted and popular ruler|Fir... Unisex
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