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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest German Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute german baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest germany, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z German Baby Boy Names List

German Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Ard Germanic - Eagle; Latin - Gree... Boy
Hildebrand Battle Sword|Sword used in bat... Boy
Rashard A Form of Richard|Germanic - P... Boy
Rolande Famous in the land|From the fa... Unisex
Filbert An exceedingly bright person|B... Boy
Conerad A bold advice or instruction; ... Boy
Pertti Bright, Noble|Short form of Ro... Boy
Dedric First of the people, King of n... Boy
Armond Army man|Germanic - Army Man; ... Boy
Mantel Cloak bearer; Makes Garment; A... Boy
Richerd One with a very strong hold on... Boy
Bernd Brave Like a Bear|Brave and bo... Boy
Bergh Mountain|Variant of Berg: Moun... Boy
Diedrich A mighty ruler of the general ... Boy
Dagmar A mother|Day|Day maid... Unisex
Juku Juku is a form of Richard. It ... Boy
Madison Daughter of a mighty warrior|I... Unisex
Alvaro Elf Army|Guardian of all|The n... Boy
Nicko God of Success... Boy
Leonard Brave Lion|Hardy lion or lion-... Unisex
Warner Armed Defender|Defender|Protec... Boy
Somerhild One who goes to war in the sum... Boy
Lynde A gentle person... Unisex
Bamard Brave as a bear|The name means... Boy
Altman A sagacious and intelligent ma... Boy
Hobbard Bert's Hill|High or bright|Hig... Boy
Lynsai From the island of the snakes... Boy
Windell Traveler, Wanderer|Traveler; w... Boy
Elys this means a famour fighter or... Boy
Reyne An European surname. Can mean:... Unisex
Geralde The one who is sitting on the ... Boy
Richter Trustful... Boy
Mayer Farmer|Germanic - Farmer; Over... Boy
Napoleon Italy; Son of Mist; Lion; Man ... Boy
Jaye A Form of Jay|Blue Jay|Bluejay... Unisex
Dustan A brave warrior|Variant of Dus... Unisex
Irma A universal woman|Bosnian form... Unisex
Currau Sicilian form of Conrad. It me... Boy
Arvy Diminutive of Arvin: Friend of... Unisex
Yves Archer|Variant of Ivo: Yew. In... Unisex
Adoff A noble or honourable wolf|Ger... Boy
Luis A fame searching warrior|Fame ... Unisex
Agilbert One who is responsible, domina... Boy
Paull A small or humble man|One who ... Boy
Ferdinando A Form of Ferdinand|He is a br... Boy
Hamlet 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' So... Boy
Guntram War Raven... Boy
Amalle Variant of Amelia: From the Ol... Unisex
Orbart Wealthy... Boy
Eilert A edge of sword; brave and str... Boy
Ambrosius Divine|Immortal|Old Greek - Im... Boy
Berchtwald Bright Ruler; one who is intel... Boy
Asmus A lovely person... Boy
Bronson A son of the brown-haired man|... Boy
Rainart A strong judgement|Strong judg... Boy
Dietz First of the people, King of n... Boy
Aldric German - Old and Powerful rule... Boy
Willard Bold resolve|Bold, Resolute|Bo... Unisex
Robley Germanic - Bright famous one; ... Boy
Rochus An inactivity, resting... Boy
Marlen Blend of Marx and Lenin|Man fr... Boy
Wilma 'Resolute protector.' Feminine... Unisex
Frederich English alternant of the Germa... Boy
Roderik Famous Ruler|Germanic - Famous... Boy
Helmut Brave|Defence, Protection, gua... Boy
Kiefer A Form of Keifer|One who makes... Boy
Hartwig Strong Battle|Strong advisor|S... Boy
Hum Bright support|sing, buzz|sing... Boy
Geofrey The monarch who rules his coun... Boy
Jochen Established by God... Boy
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