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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest French Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z French Baby Girl Names List

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French Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute french baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest france, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Rochel A Form of Rochelle|She is a ro... Girl
Clotilde Famous Battle|Famous for battl... Girl
Marthe A woman who has a bitter perso... Girl
Brigette A Form of Bridget|She is a str... Girl
Nora Abbreviation of Eleanora 'ligh... Girl
Devonne A Form of Davon|Divine|From De... Unisex
Margot Old Greek - Pearl; A variation... Girl
Jorden A Form of Jordan|Descend, flow... Unisex
Charlot A born Prince who gives orders... Unisex
Syd Diminutive of Sidney: From Sai... Unisex
Remy A person who is an oarsman. Ca... Unisex
Amorette Little Love... Girl
Hannah Affection|Favor, Grace|Favor; ... Girl
Mardi Born On A Tuesday|French - Bor... Girl
Lavern A land of trees, Woodland|The ... Unisex
Cherrell A Form of Cheryl|A beloved per... Girl
Adele A short form of adelaide|Ashor... Girl
Gisselle Gisselle originates from old G... Girl
Rosaire A rosary, a garden of roses|Ro... Unisex
Roland A legendary person|Famed land;... Unisex
Do A person who is independent,co... Unisex
Joya Happiness, Pleasure|Happiness;... Girl
Anastaise Resurrection... Girl
Wallace A Scottish name for foreigner|... Unisex
Marietta A Familiar Form of Marie|Belov... Girl
Lyra A musical instrument, Lyre. Al... Girl
Vivienne Full of Life, Lively, Alive|Li... Girl
Raymond A wise protector|Counsel; migh... Unisex
Bodin He who defends life|Variant of... Unisex
Cydnee A Form of Sydney|Derived from ... Girl
Tiffney Epiphany|Variant of the Greek ... Unisex
Elaine In Arthurian legend, Elaine wa... Unisex
Chanel Channel|Fashionable|Name of th... Girl
Chantilly A name for lace; whipped cream... Girl
Marion A sea of misery|Beloved|Bitter... Unisex
Damia One who subdues|To Tame|To Tam... Unisex
Berang Courage of A Bear... Girl
Dyann Divine|Divine. Mythological an... Girl
Dennie Diminutive of Denise: The femi... Unisex
Lisette A Familiar Form of Elise, Eliz... Girl
Kalle A form of Carol|Kalle name mea... Unisex
Chanell A Form of Chanel|Canal; channe... Girl
Marie Sophie A Combination of Marie + Sophi... Girl
Amy Beloved|Dearly loved; Beloved.... Girl
Darlene A child loved by all|Darling. ... Unisex
Ozanna A person who shows authority a... Girl
Allison A 13th century variant of Alic... Unisex
Chianna Variant of Cheyanne - an Algon... Girl
Moniqua A unique advise or an advisor|... Girl
Raquel A Form of Rachel|An innocent p... Unisex
Arcene Silvery|Something silvery... Girl
Gard Enclosure, Stronghold|Keeper o... Unisex
Bennett Blessed|Little Blessed One|Var... Unisex
Aimon Homebody|House... Unisex
Courteney From the court|Short nosed; Do... Unisex
Jacqueline Feminine form of Jacques: Supp... Girl
Peridot Birthstone; Yellow Green Gem; ... Girl
Natuche Born at Christmas... Girl
Jolie Cheerful; pretty|Pretty|Pretty... Unisex
Leonne Lioness, Brave... Girl
Josephine God shall add (a another son)|... Girl
Charley Charley is: From the Old Engli... Unisex
Malaina A Form of Malena|Dark, Black... Girl
Desiree 'desired' Or 'longed For.'|Des... Girl
Estelle A Form of Esther|Star|Star. A ... Unisex
Jackquelyn A Form of Jacqueline... Girl
Vedetta From the guard tower|Guardian|... Girl
Jemaine A Form of Germain|One who has ... Unisex
Pascala Born at Easter|Child of Easter... Girl
Cidney A Form of Sydney|A wide meadow... Girl

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