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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest French Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute french baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest france, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z French Baby Boy Names List

French Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Traver One who is from the crossings... Boy
Amou Eagle wolf... Boy
Burcet Comes From The Stronghold|Fort... Boy
Jocquez A Form of Jacquez... Boy
Ansell Adherent of a nobleman|Divine ... Boy
Charley Charley is: From the Old Engli... Unisex
Colbey A Form of Colby|A town where c... Boy
Sydnea A person from a wide island... Unisex
Lanier Occupational name, whool worke... Boy
Beale A Form of Beau|Handsome|Handso... Boy
Devery Derived from place-name Devere... Unisex
Bryar A Form of Briar|A bush of thor... Unisex
Jacquelin A Form of Jacqueline|French fo... Unisex
Pascal A person with idealistic and s... Boy
Macaire A Form of Macario|Blessed|The ... Boy
Lannie Abbreviation of names like Rol... Boy
Cirroc Top of the summit; peak of the... Boy
Kerman From Germany|German... Boy
Pascale Born At Easter|Child of Easter... Unisex
Crescent A variant of Crescens, it is n... Unisex
Searle Armed|Armor|Manly... Boy
Fontane Fontane is Belgian word for fo... Boy
Jacinth Hyacinth flower|Jacinth is der... Unisex
Rolland Famous Land|Famous in the land... Unisex
Rosselin Red haired... Boy
Drago A dragon who is precious and m... Boy
Lazare From name Lazarus, who was res... Boy
Theon God-fearing man|Godly|Untamed... Boy
Rosiyn Beautiful|Red Haired... Unisex
Thierri King of nations|One who rules ... Boy
Phillbert A very bright and famous frien... Boy
Lionel Cousin of Lancelot|Lion|Lion C... Unisex
Fabrizius Variant of Fabrice: Works with... Boy
Verel Correct|True... Boy
Chev Diminutive of Chevalier: Knigh... Boy
Chandelle Candle|Everlasting candle... Unisex
Giselle One who offers her pledge|Pled... Unisex
Jeffrey Derived from one of three Old ... Boy
Reule Famous wolf... Boy
Sennet Elderly|Wise|Wise and sagaciou... Boy
Bay Auburn haired|Bay is Sea Inlet... Boy
Eriq Eternal Ruler|Ever Ruler|Varia... Boy
Rent Reborn... Boy
Bogey Diminutive of Bogart: Bow stre... Boy
Jewel An accessory used as a decorat... Unisex
Dior Gold|Golden|Golden; one who ha... Unisex
Navarre Plains|The land of plains, a p... Boy
Devyn Divine|Dweller by the dark|Poe... Unisex
Barthram Glorious raven|Illustrious; Gl... Boy
Kay Diminutive of Catherine: Pure,... Unisex
Artagnan Knower of all meanings|Name of... Boy
Pommelraie Apple Orchard|Lives near the a... Boy
Urbain City Dweller, Modern, Urban|Of... Unisex
Henri Home Ruler|Ruler of an enclosu... Boy
Avenil Variant of Avenall: Pasture of... Boy
Louis A famous warrior|Famous Warrio... Unisex
Joel A book in the Judaism and Chri... Unisex
Loyal A faitful and devoted person|F... Boy
Anselme Divine Protection|They are hel... Boy
Mayne Germanic - Hard Strength; Powe... Boy
Shariah A Form of Shari|Divine Law, No... Unisex
Sorel Reddish brown hair|Reddish bro... Boy
Mort A Short Form of Morton|A varia... Boy
Burgundy 'King Henry V' and 'Henry VI, ... Unisex
Dion 'The Winter's Tale' Lord of Si... Boy
Avenall Lives Close To The Oat Field|L... Boy
Vincent Conquering|To Occupy|victoriou... Boy
Leodegrance Brave As A Lion|French version... Boy
Gifford Bold Giver|Brave|Chubby cheeks... Boy
Valeray Valor, Strong... Boy
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