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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Filipino Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute filipino baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest philippines, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Filipino Baby Girl Names List

Filipino Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Sean God is gracious|God is graciou... Unisex
Yetta A Short Form of Henrietta|A ge... Girl
Abby ???|Father Rejoices|Father in ... Unisex
Wynn Blessed, Fair, Holy, White|Fri... Unisex
Xander Defender of Mankind|Defender o... Unisex
Urania Heaven or heavenly|Heavenly|he... Girl
Quiana Divine, Heavenly|Living With G... Girl
Jeanine Diminutive form of Jane or Jea... Unisex
Vanessa Bring to light, Appear|Butterf... Girl
Farrah A hapy feeling|Beautiful|Beaut... Girl
Angeli Angel; Messenger|Gift; Offerin... Girl
Raymond A wise protector|Counsel; migh... Unisex
Xexilia Blind|blind of self beauty... Girl
Midori Green|one of the colors , Gree... Girl
Tracy From Thracia. Surname dating f... Unisex
Puma Complete; Content|Spanish - Mo... Unisex
Wilhelmina 'Resolute protector.' Feminine... Unisex
Lourdes A Place name|Crowned with Laur... Girl
Cristina Believer, Follower of Christ|C... Unisex
Lydia A standing pool|From Lydia|Hap... Girl
Maximus Greatest|One who is the greate... Unisex
Maria A Short Form of Marlena And Ma... Girl
Maya A Princess; Wealth; To Increas... Unisex
Clara Bright|Bright, Clear|Clear, Br... Girl
Wattan From The Homeland|homeland... Girl
Alice From the Old German Adalheidis... Girl
Rasha A fawn|A young gazelle|Express... Girl
Scarlett Bright Red|In English origin, ... Girl
Lara A famous person who is notable... Girl
Demetria Earth Mother|Earth lover|Of De... Unisex
Rodney A person who comes from the is... Unisex
Ken Born of fire|Born of fire or h... Unisex
Shantell Song|Stony place|form of Chant... Unisex
Oliver 'As You Like It' Son of Sir Ro... Unisex
Rowan A little red-haired girl|From ... Unisex
Guillermo They value truth,justice and d... Unisex
Joel A book in the Judaism and Chri... Unisex
Lorie A Form of Lori|Land of the peo... Unisex
Mildred A mild strength person|Gentle ... Girl
Tyson Fiery|Firebrand|One who is hig... Unisex
Roosevelt Field of Roses|From the field ... Unisex
Paola A Feminine Form of The Name Pa... Unisex
Ivie A climbing evergreen ornamenta... Girl
Hannah Affection|Favor, Grace|Favor; ... Girl
Ivan Archer|Archer; God's Gracious ... Unisex
Amparo ???|Protection, Shelter|The on... Girl
Ona Famine, Hunger|Favor, Grace|Gr... Girl
Dustin A fighter. Famous bearer: Amer... Unisex
Jemma A Form of Gema|A Form of Jemim... Girl
Rene A reborn person|Diminutive of ... Unisex
Shiva Charming|Charming, eloquent|Go... Unisex
Wilma 'Resolute protector.' Feminine... Unisex
Yovela Hebrew - Rejoice; Full of Joy;... Girl
Zofia Wisdom... Girl
Pieta Religious paintings or sculptu... Girl
Quinn Chief, Freeman, Head, Hound, I... Unisex
Gilberto Bright oath|Gilberto is a male... Unisex
Vienna From Wine Country|From vine Co... Girl
Irene Christian name meaning peace|P... Unisex
Jose God Will Increase|God shall ad... Unisex
Annabelle ???|A form of annabel|An elega... Girl
Valiant A valiant and high spirited ma... Unisex
Manila A place name, from the Philipp... Unisex
Venice 'The Merchant of Venice' The D... Unisex
Lotta Short from Charlotte; free wom... Girl
Eleanor ???|A variant of Helen introdu... Unisex
Clarissa Bright Or Clear|Bright, Clear,... Girl
Wednesday Born On Wednesday|Born on a we... Unisex
Malea A ruler, the firstborn son|Haw... Girl
Fatima A captivating woman|Accustom; ... Girl
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Modern Baby Names
Cuin Ariyapala Vishnuraman
Laghima Avilash Landsden
Dwijendralal Colee Darminee
Pslomydes Baalaaditya Devmayi
Adebiyi Kiollsig Raevynn
Catia Kamalanayan Sada Shiv
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